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Please can you recommend good FTA receiver to buy. I have my own super dish, dish 500 dishes and one DP301 (dish net receiver) in my home. If you have any idea how to use exiting ones, Please let me know. If I can use both dishes with out exiting DP301 receiver, that is also fine. Please suggest me which one and where I have to buy receiver?

Sorry for giving trouble, thanks for help.

Lk commant Please

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these are spanish forums now...sorry I don't support Spanish!

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Lk Please Guide me. I need you help to start process.

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dish expert

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this site doesn't support me, so I don't support it!

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Every one is asking some question you only. You are guide for so many people. No one forgot there teacher.

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get a pansat 3500sd, viewsat extreme or cools@ 5000.
they are all decent receivers.
Read these posts (another link inside this thread should be read too) on mixing DN equipment with FTA equipment.

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HI i would really appreciate it if someone could help me.I am really new at this and heard about the viewsat extreme fta receiver.I would like to know how to get it to have all the dishnetwork channels.I heard that this is possible but i just dont know how to do it.I subscribe to dishnetwork currently and have the 500 dish on the roof.Could i just cancel the service but hook up the viewsat receievers up and then what?Anyways the help would be much appreciative.After giving thousands of dollars to echostar i would like to get some value in return.I mean for heaven sakes i pay 85 dollars a month and get no premium channels they charge me $30 a month for a foreign channel which is atrocious.

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Thanks Tyler. I decided to buy 3500sd. Can you tell me is it work for dish 500 TWIN legacy LNBS.right now i have Super dish( 110,119,121) and dish 500 twin legacy(110,119). either one can i use Please?

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I don't believe that Legacy lnbs will work with Pansats. They will with cools@ and viewsats.
It was in the link in the thread I sent you.
You should re-read it
This one here...

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IF you are using lnb's that are not combined, they should work with any FTA receiver. There are different types of lnbs, and Dish went to a combined dual lnb later in the 500 series. If you have individual lnbs, they should work. If combined likely not. The output is already combined for the two lnbs. That is what I have found to be the case. If anyone else knows anything more, I would like to hear. It would make my would easiere the more I know.

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I just realized you may get confused by what I meant concerning combined lnb's. On Dish 500's initially you had two individual lnbs, one for each satellite. They could have either one or two outputs. Later Dish 500's had a combined lnb which physically put these two lnbs together. A few were still seperate lnbs and required a combiner to work, while later ones had the combiner built in them as part of the device. It is the latter that generally don't work. As long as they were the individual lnbs, whether they were seperate or together, they should work fine with any FTA receiver. Sorry if I confused anyone.

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Hewlo from republic of korea! I need help pwease!

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this is from dsstester website, newbie section-- pardon moi que les pictures are not included..

I will start posting different set ups in this thread

1- Always turn off( at back panel switch or unplug it from power outlet) your IRD before you make any connection. DiseqC and 22 khz switches are sensitive to short outs and power surges.
2- Start connections from LNB's to the receiver. LNB's-switches-inline amplifiers if required( > 100 ft)-receiver.
3- Use appropriated connectors and tools. This will reduce voltage drops and signal attenuation
4- Fasten all connector with a wrench if possible.

We will use only one lnb output for these two options if you lnb is dual
a-single-one head and one output
b-dual- one head and two outputs
c-twin-two heads and 2 or 4 outputs
d-triple-three heads and 2 or 4 outputs

1- First Picture. Two DTV 18" Round Dish or another single dish w/ single or dual lnb(lnb must be circular polarization). One pointing 119 and one 110
Connect 119 to Sat 1 and 110 to Sat 2
Antenna set UP
ECHO 7(119)
Lnb type-standard
lo freq-11250
lnb power-ON (pansat X fixes doesnt required this)

lnB type-Standard
lo freq-11250
Lnb power-ON
Positioner disable

2- Picture. Four DTV 18" or similar single dish with circular polarization lnb for DN 110-119-61.5(or 148 West Coast) and BEV 91 . Connect 61,5 to SAT 3 and 91 to SAT 4.
ECHO 7-same as above
ECHO6,8-same as above

ECHO 3(61.5) or ECHO1,2(148). All the same but diseqC-#3

Nimiq 1(91). Same but diseqC-#4

You can choose only three sats and let one DiseqC input open. You can also pick four sats as you whick

DISH 500 Pro Set up

1- PICTURE 1 is the called DIsh 500 Pro black label. This WORKS with FTA receivers.

2- PICTURE 2. This Dish 500 DOESNT WORK W/ FTA receivers

3- PICTURE 3. It shows the two types of LNB's. First one WONT WORK. Second WILL WORK.

4- PICTURE 4. Installation one Dish 500 Pro and one or two receivers. It will work with the following set up.
Go to antenna set up and right arrow on ECHO7 and ECHO 6,8, then OK and in
ECHO 7(119) set
lnb type-Standard
Loq freq- 11250
DiseqC-Tone A or #1
Lnb power(if apply)-ON

ECHO 6,8(110) same as above but
DiseqC-Tone B or #2

Now you need to go to MENU and scroll down to TP/Edit and edit ECHO 7 and ECHO 6,8 Tps. You need to change all Horizontal polarity to Vertical due to the fact that Dish Pro uses stacked technology(bandstacking scheme the IF frequency of the horizontal block is shifted upwards to vertical) They will need to be edited for example( just go to Menu-Installaytion-Tp/edit and set all to V) then subtract all horiz. transps. frequencies from 25600. enter result as your new transp freq. (IE. on sat 119 transp 6 is 12297h. doing the subtraction, you get 13303. So change transp 6 to 13303). This is needed because dishpro LNB's use an oscillator that runs at 25600mhz. this is mixed with the horizontal transp freqs and new freqs are generated.

Edited tps will be as follow.


Of course you do not need to edit a horizontal Tp if it doesnt exist in a sat.(I.E 119 has 21 tps only, so you must edit 12239(2), 12268(4), 12297(6), 12325(8), 12355(10), 12384(12), 12414(14), 12443(16), 12472(18), 12501(20)
This will work for DN 61.5-110-119-148 and BEV 82, 91 and any Dish Pro Lnb. You can use a Dish 500 Pro to get BEV 82(nimiq2) and 91(nimiq1)
After editing transponders you can scan your sats.

-It is easier just to load a DishPro channel list with gtool.

-You can open any channel list (no dish pro modified) with gtool, edit tps as shown above and then load new modified list.
Tp 1= Do not change frequency

Tp 2= Change 12239 to 13361. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 3= Do not change frequency

Tp 4= Change 12268 to 13332. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 5= Do not change frequency

Tp 6= Change 12297 to 13303. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 7= Do not change frequency

Tp 8= Change 12326 to 13274. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 9= Do not change frequency

Tp 10= Change 12355 to 13245. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 11= Do not change frequency

Tp 12= Change 12384 t0 13216. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 13= Do not change frequency

Tp 14= Change 12414 to 13186. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 15= Do not change frequency

Tp 16= Change 12443 to 13157. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 17= Do not change frequency

Tp 18= Change 12472 to 13128. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 19= Do not change frequency

Tp 20= Change 12501 to 13099. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 21= Do not change frequency

Tp 22= Change 12530 to 13070. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 23= Do not change frequency

Tp 24= Change 12559 to 13041. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 25= Do not change frequency

Tp 26= Change 12588 to 13012. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 27= Do not change frequency

Tp 28= Change 12618 to 12982. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 29= Do not change frequency

Tp 30= Change 12647 to 12953. Change polarity to Vertical.

Tp 31= Do not change frequency

Tp 32= Change 12676 to 12924. Change polarity to Vertical.

For FSS 11.7-12.2 KHz LNB's. Oscillator runs to 24600. Then u must subtract horizontal tp freq from 24600
For FSS 11.2-11.7 KHz LNB's Oscillator runs to 23600
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DTV OVAL Paratodos or Dish 500 Legacy Dulas and DTV 4X4 Multiswitch

This set up will allow you to get Charlie 110-119 or Bev 82-91.

1- Picture#1. DTV OVAL paratodos two dual LNB's. You must relocate the left (101) lnd to the center position(110). WORK with FTA receivers
2- Picture#2. Dish 500 legacy two separated dual LNB's. WORK with FTA receivers.
3- Picture#3. DTV 4X4 22khz multiswitch Channel Master
4- Picture#4. DTV 4X4 22khz multiswitch Eagle-Aspen
5- Picture#5. Wiring diagram. You need to set up antenna in you receiver as follow:

Lnb type-Standard
lo freq- 11250
LNB power-ON(if apply)

ECHO6,8(110) same as abobe but

You can use this set up for Bev 82 and 91 . Use 119 Set up for Nimiq1(91) and 110 for Nimiq2(82)
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DN and DTV dishes that wont work with FTA

1-2- DN Dish 500 Twin gray
3-Dave phase III triple lnb. Three LNB's in one enclosure and built in multiswitch. UPDATED It will work for 110(limited) and 91. Go to Post#17
Attached Thumbnails

Switches that WILL NOT WORK with FTA IRDs for switching sats

Dn Sw21, Sw21x, Sw42, Sw44, Sw64
Attached Thumbnails

FTA working switches

FTA receivers are Diseqc, 22khz and 12V switching complaints. Most of the FTA receivers manufactured for North America, do not have the 12volt switching option. 12v switching must be close to the receiver, so you will need to run two cable to inside the house.For example Fortec Lifetime 03-04 does it.

I prefer 22khz switching. They are more reliable.
DiseqC switches work as well, but it depend the manufacturer and internal parts. I will recommend
-Perfect Vision
-OLD Pansat ( the ones with a weather proof plastic enclosure)
- Lastest PANSATs 4X1 I have bought work perfect

I wont recommend
-New Pansat
-DMS. Some peeps have reported they work but i have a bad experiences.
these bad ones work better when they are close to the receivers.

I prefer switches as close as posible to your IRD and no longer than 75 feet. Eventhough manufacturers specify up to 100 ft.

1- Picture#1. DTV 4X4 is 22khz
2- Picture#2 TOKYOSAT 4X1 diseqC
3- Picture#3 Starchoice 2X2 22Khz
4- DTV 4X8 22Khz
5- DP34 3X1 DiseqC
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this was there too-- hope it helps...
DTV Dish Phase III

OK you can use DTV phase III dish for FTA and get ECHO6,8 and Nimiq 91 but you wont get tps 6,8,10,12,14 on 110 due to the built in sat C combiner. You will get 110 with sat B (right front view) and 91 w/ SAT A ( left front view). SAT C (middle) is useless.

The Phase3 comes with a molded triple-LNB with an integral combiner/switch. The combiner places the 3 DirecTV transponders on 110 (28, 30, 32) onto what appears to be transponders 8, 10 and 12 on 119 (in actuality, the Sat-C LNB has a non-standard LO frequency, which makes the tp's appear to be relocated). This makes them available to the IRD along with the DirecTV transponders already on 119 (tp's 22 thru 32). So, a Phase3 dish delivers the normal 32 transponders from Sat-A (normally, 101) until it receives the 22kHz tone from the IRD, when it sends the 3 tp's from Sat-C (usually 110) on top of the feed from Sat-B (usually, 119). The combiner screws up tp's 6 and 14 as well. The end result is that the Sat-B feed loses transponders 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Tps 6,8,10 on 110 are spotbeams. If you can accept missing these 5 tps, then ENJOY

110 to 22KHz-ON and Nimiq 91 to 22Khz-OFF

I recommend you to point the SAT B to 110 and using the skew calculation method from my previous post get 91 (counter clock front view in most US areas and clockwise west coast)

Another advantage of this set up is that you can buy another DTV dual lnb, then tie this lnb to the SATB(110 lnb) with tie wraps(put a of wood 3/8 to 1/2" within) and combine 119-110-91 with a 2X1 or 4X1 diseqC switch
Connect Sat1 from diseqc to 119 lnb, then Sat2 to DTV Phse III lnb. then set
119- 22KHZ-OFF, diseqc#1
110-22KHZ-ON, diseqc#2
91- 22KHZ-OFF, diseqc$2

Read this thread and Read Xray post ay
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gzzz, i wonder who dss man is

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Thanks, that explains some questions I have had concerning the different lnbs out there. What I knew was from actual trial and error. Again, thanks for the thorough explanation.

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hay everyone, i just wanted to know, can u put intelsat 5 and echo 7 on one dish..

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Hello i am looking for a bin for the Quantum 4700, is it the same bin used on the Pansat 2700. Please help thanks

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Germ, are you sure it takes Pansat bins, or does it take clone bins.
You should do some reading on them before you decide to load it.

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Tyler it took the Pansat2700 bin however, after 4 hour a message started to appear on the Screen saying that there is no signal, i would shut off the reciever and it would work for about another hour than the same message keeps on poping up "No signal". what do you think i am doing wrong?

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i can not find anything on the quantum 4700 reciever. please help

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read this, part way down.
Boyce mentions some different Quantums and what can be used. He states not to use blacklist bins though.

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thanks Tyler where can i find a non blacklist bin for the Quantum 4700

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try ...
make sure it's not a blacklist bin.
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