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Is there anyway 2 get free direct tv channels. ANYWAY AT ALL. and can a novice do it. And im not talking about free promotions for 3 months type of deal.

It feels like everytime i read postings its for dish network hacks. Is it that much easier or better 2 switch 2 dish network or better cable tv rather than direct tv?

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There hasn't been a hack for DTV in almost two years.

And most think there may never again be a hack for DTV.

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The old Directv hack was never "FREE", you had to buy a programmer for $75, and HU cards sold for something like $100 each; IRDs/remotes were about $50, and most bought scripts for $100/year. There was an emulator that sold for $230. And the no745 bootstraps, which were required towards the end of the HU, were $150 each. A typical setup for 2 or 3 TVs of "FREE" DirectV could easily set you back $800 or so. And then the card would go down ever so ofter (or require constant reprogramming). And, all the stuff you bought - became obsolete after about a year. Free, my asp.
But to answer your question, no, right now, not only can't you get DirectV for FREE, you can't even pay for a hack these days.

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the best thing to do is just share a damn sub. it's much better than a hack. you can sign up for the top package at $93.99 per month and $4.99 per IRD. if you get a group of 10 people and charge about 20 bucks per head, you can easily cover YOUR costs of dtv and when theres a PPV event you'd like to see, have everyone chip in 5 dollars. thats 50 dollars from 10 people and that should cover the most expensive PPV fight at $49.95. you also wont ever have to worry about the system going down and reprogramming it, or finding channels and all that other bullshit. Sub share is the best solution. You just have to know a bunch of trustworthy people to join you.

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well nothing is ever really free is it? can't think of something that can't be argued against.

anyways free dtv really only set must people back the programmer because most people already had dtv equip from previous subscriptions. and yes it went down like 2 times a week and require constant reprogramming but it was well worth it.

and no there is no dtv hack and there most likely will never be.
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