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There is a new flash out for Coolsats, v128 which is a minor bug fix on the previous 127.

Autoroll bins on all flashes are working, there is an apparent bug with some Pansat flashes which causes the first byte of the public key to be decremented (reduced by 1) resulting in microfreezing. If you are experiencing microfreezing with your Pansat check the key value to see if it is reduced by one, if so increase it and save the key and the freezing should stop. (C6 when should be C7)

Some channels on dishnet have recently converted to Nagra2, these include Starz, Encore, and Cinemax. FTA users will receive scrambled message on affected channels, these channels also will not work for Dishnet testers.There is no fix for nagra2,other than subscribing.

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Good morning u all. LK what do I need to do
to get true FTA free to air channels. And how
many channels can I get. Also where can I get
the files to set up my lifetime Ultra. I love
in Toronto On.

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Join DSS site al7bar. tk ..they have a large TRUE FTA area with all your answers.

helping hand
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tomboy...go to [link removed] to get files and instruction to setup your box.

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I have a Multistar Maximum 2500.When I try to load FTLINK.EXE I get a connection error.Does anybody know the loading procedure for this unit?

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Its a piece of garbage Pantec that uses Fortec bins and limited pansat bins.It load bins just like any other Fortec or pansat..use a STB uploader file..what is FTLINK.exe?
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