Last time I repeat this


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Post in the right thread you dumb fcukers or I am going to leave this place...even though I said this a hundread times, I mean it this time, I'm getting sick of you guys calling me Micheal Jackson's best friend, and calling me a retard....I was in nam you know, I will suck the ballsack right off your body if you don't watch out...ROTF(leaves his computer balling his eyes out and scratching his nuts)

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U are a disrespectful child who needs to grow up!..Your parents failed parenting 101 when it came to you.I'm sure they are real proud of you...yeah right!...and if U happen to be a young parent yourself,the acorn don't fall too far from the tree....payback will be triple for you,what a fine example of a parent U



Posted on Sunday, June 19, 2005 - 09:55 am:

Kneegrow and all your alias's on this forum....How are things in the great Southwest? Yes I know who you are and where you are. So if you don't want all your info made public, you and all your alias's better go somewhere else. Or change your attitude.

Don't let who this was posted by fool you

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Micheal Jackson touched me

O He Touched Me
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Yes, and he touched me too!
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