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Will DTV activate recievers and cards bought off of EBay? Both are new and have never been used before. I know if you buy a system from Directv or from a dealer you have to activate within 30 days and make an annual commitment, but how does that affect recievers and cards bought off of ebay.

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Don't do it. How can you be certain that the receivers have never been used or cards activated? Directv will not cooperate if you guess wrong.

I've bought three receivers off of eBay, including my HDTV one(used), and two new ones. The new ones were legit and I had no problem activating. The used one just required me to send them $20 for a new card. The only way I see you getting into trouble is if the receivers are stolen, but if the ebay seller has a large amount of sales and positive feedback I'd feel very safe.

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The first one has to be new (buy it from DTV directly). Additional ones can be bought on Ebay and added to an account - they will activate them without the additional 1-year committment but you need an unused card (or they will send you one for $20). But since the first one you get new requires a one year committment, you might as well get all the receivers you want new from them in the first place as new - cause it's still just a one year committment no matter how many you get from them (but it's one year from the last one you activate!).

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I'm new and investigating getting satellite tv. A kind!

If you sign up for 1 receiver (basic channels only, nothing fancy) in the living room, can you buy a 2nd receiver off Ebay and hook it to the 1st with a splitter to watch the same channels in a bedroom? Without having to fiddle with getting cards or activating stuff?

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Yes you can (do the splitter thing with 2 receivers on same channels)BUT you must have an activated card (subscribed) in the 2nd receiver which DTV must know about also..they need the serial # etc of the receiver so they can activate/sub the card and marry the card to that other words U cannot just take any subscribed card and put it in any receiver without telling DTV..once a card is activated/subscribed in a specific receiver it must always stay with that receiver.

BTW...If U were a previous subscriber,DTV will allow you to activate your old receivers again,and any other old recivers that U might buy at a tag sale or flea market whatever.

Thanks, gizmo.

Do you know if there would be an additional charge each month for the 2nd receiver on a splitter?

I'm used to cable tv where, after the wiring is done, you can hook up as many tv's as you have cable outlets for.

I usually start small and end up lot's more tv's in various rooms, even in the garage and on the patio.

I'm trying to look ahead for when the 'more is better' obsession takes over again, but satellite is a bit more clumbersome to deal with (activation/etc).

I don't want to have to run up a big bill for having multiple tv's, but I don't want to have a long cord and have to carry one tv from room to room either.
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