Direct TV or Dish Network


What are your thoughts on which is better and why? I am going to order sat. for my new house and I don't know which to go. I'd been told by a few people that Dish network was a little better, But I also wanted to get some more opinions. They seem pretty similar in cost and programming choices both in SD and HD. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Directv (DTV) is far superior in my opinion...DTV also has the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday ticket also..I've had them both and to me there is NO comparison!

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Dish Network has horrible customer support. Everything I read said that but I still stupidly ordered it on price. The hire complete idiots that couldn't find their nose on their own face. Additionally, their reception is significantly worse in bad weather than Direct is. Lastly, and this is actually with both companies, they tell you there is no equipment to buy. However, they are giving you the dish for free. SOOOOO, gues what happens if it doesn't work? You have to get it fixed. Now comes the negative to Dish vs. Direct. Direct TV says, pay $6 a month and get a service plan to cover repairs (still a rip off in my humble opinion, but OK)and have no cost service calls or pay for each service call in full. Dish says, pay $100 for each service call, or, pay $6 AND $25 for each service call. Now, pray nothing ever happens to your Dish system because you will be on the phone for at least a half an hour going over what is wrong because the moron on the phone has no idea about your system and is running through a trouble shooting check list. I went through that with a guy for 2 hours, he never fixed it. While we were on the phone I figured out what was wrong, fixed it and was told, oh, sometimes their are glitches that fix themselves. DO NOT GO WITH DISH, unless of course you are a masochist that enjoys punishing yourself for being bad hehe.
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