Need help loading a fortec lifetime


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When I download ny fortec lifetime the download program shows no errors. The reciever has a flashing dash which stays at one point during the download then starts to travell across the display after download finished. Any idea's ?

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Here are a few tips if you are having difficulty flashing: Pay ATTENTION to 9-10-11..

I would advise everyone to read a set up guide before flashing. But, since people have been having some problems, I have revised this to provide more detailed information. But this is not intended to be a substitute.

1. Make sure you use the proper serial cable for your receiver:
Fortec and Pansat use a straight through cable with DB9 females on both ends.
The Blackbird and Pansat 2700 uses null modem (crossover) cable, which crosses over pins 2 and 3.

2, With the power turned off, connect it to your computer and receiver using the serial connector. Use serial port #! if you can.

3. If you do not have a working serial port, you must install one or use a computer that has one.

4. Use the appropriate loader.

5. Select the file. Make sure that it is the correct flash for your receiver.

6. Select the COM port your receiver is connected to. If you do not know, what it is try #1 first.

7. Enter the correct model name and number.

8. Check off the correct function box. Your choices are boot, flash or channel list. To FLASH your receiver you would use FLASH. Most flashes do not require a separate boot; so do not load both separately.

9. Turn on the receiver power from the back switch.

10. As soon as you see the lights flash,very first light -- IMMEDIATELY press download.

11. Wait until it COMPLETES and reboots.

Here is how to recover from the "Night Rider" (flashing lights):

1. Try re-flashing the factory boot/flash again using the below directions. That gives you FTA ONLY. Follow the above procedure.

2. Then, when that works use the latest flash to get the scrambled channels.

3. Download a channel list and/or do a channel scan on each sat.

4. When flashing, be sure to wait not only until is says done. But you need to wait until it reboots and actually goes to a channel number.
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