Ignore the jerks!...and making this a better forums


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Lets all just ignore the jerks...there are too many to name and all using various aliases..don't even respond to them...either they're punk kids or very sick demented adults..U can tell immediately from their posts who they are...Kneegrow,Analman,Postman,Dog,waldo,bob jones,and the list goes on and on...responding to them just feeds their need for attention..

Lets try and make this a better forums...as U know it has the worse reputation and is a comedy club for the rest of the Dss world..lets get smart,quit replying to jerks,not ask for the "keys" a million times (post them in ONE thread only "Latest and current keys and files") ,use other mentioned many reputable sites for files (autorolls,getkeys,keymaster) linked at satscam.com , and quit this stupid act we have going on here..

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I agree. Also we post their ip's and e-mail address So everybody can send them e-mails and mom and dad will shut them out.

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there very very few peeps that actually help ( LK - Maple Leaf - Jmill -etc. ) so its up to them to put somekinda order here.......

1.- post keys in ONE thread only "Latest and current keys and files" or refer them to maestra

2.- ignore the troublemakers and stupit questions

3.- only help dudes that post in the correct thread

its better to have a few good posts (boring) than alot of repetitive retarded ones (funny).


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i agree one section for new keys and referals.........

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I agree with mortimer...I will only respond to people who post in the correct threads..since these forums have NO SPECIFIC TOPIC areas and just a zillion threads thrown together,everyone just posts wherever the feel..we have enough threads here to cover every possible TOPIC,so if its not posted in the appropriate THREAD then I suggest nobody reply until the users here start using these forums correctly..this place is totally out of hand ..

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AMEN BRO. I don't mind helping. We all need it sometimes but to say the same thing 20 times is too much.

U guys got to set rules (PLAIN AN SIMPLE)...post a thread with rules first....anyone that doeesn't follow them ...don't get no help....ignore all posts...just post Read The Rules FIRST if you want help (under the peeps post).....they will learn...if they want help

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Simple Rules of the Dss Forums here at Ecoustics..

All decisions made by moderators or administrators are FINAL!!

No Flaming. We will not tolerate any flaming or bashing of ANY members, especially mods or admins. You will be banned.

Rules For URLs . Please no URL's (active www.donotdo.com links). They will be edited. Use of site names,but not active links are allowed...Use xxx instead of www.

These Forums do NOT allow any selling or buying of any items.

Do take disagreements to PM or Email. If you are involved in a disagreement with another member, resolve it in PM or email. You won't have a disagreement with a mod or an admin because of rule number 1!

Be courteous and respectful of others. Participate,be active,helpful and do share. ENJOY and USE, these are your Forums!

********* ************** ************* *************** ********

The following information is a good set of GUIDELINES for using these forums.


What, How, Why, and Why Not (Help on the ways of posting in threads). Provide as much information as possible, the more the better. Be clear,detailed and specific. You will get more and better replies with help, if your post is clearly understood and stated.

Do not post the same question in multiple areas. This is especially true with newbies. Many times people will post a question or comment in one area, and if they don't get any immediate responses they go to another area and post the same question. Make sure to determine the best area for your question. Posting the same question in multiple areas will cause your POST to be closed or deleted by a mod or administrator.

Do not ask basic questions that have already been asked over and over. The mods/admins and other members hate it. It shows a total lack of effort. READ the threads in these forums first. This is where the "read, read, read before posting" comments come from. Many people have been down the same road, and now they give that famous advice, "read read read before posting".There are many threads, and in many/most cases your questions will be answered there previously. READ first before you decide to post a new thread.

Try not to post in the wrong area. This is something we see newbies do quite often. It's not the end of the world, but, just try to think about where your post should go.

Stay on the thread topic..questions not related to the thread will NOT be answered..Start a new thread, If you do not see your SUBJECT addressed in an active topic..Remeber there are ARCHIVE threads listed also at the bottom of the threads and Dss/satellite index page..Much info is there also..

There are No files posted here, use other recommended reputable sites for files..

If you want the latest Dishnet keys, use the "Latest and Current Keys" thread..


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Congrats!!!! Finally you people are doing something really needed for a long time. It was so confusing and frustrating trying to read relevant info amidst all the chaos and bunch of crap being posted. Now, if we could just get rid of the clowns.....

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We are trying to. Wish us luck.

Mr. BiII
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Your idea - of ignoring the jerks trying to be funny and posting insulting comments - is a good one.
you see... I know this strategy has worked fine in other forums and chatrooms.
Once nobody answers back and pays no attention to their posts, they get demoralized and its a big blow to their self esteem.
This must got to hurt and might be the best payback.


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Kneegrow the Mod here!

Now that Kneegrow has surfaced here again (was probably on paid vacation), have U noticed:

Analman returned
Larry Doherty returned
Punjavi returned
More thrashy disgusting "unregistered" posts
There is a campaign to get rid of me and Maple Leaf

Your posts are getting DELETED (many/most of mine) BUT NONE of his (Kneegrow) or his aliases and other "unregistered" thrashy posts..

Now tell me,that Kneegrow is NOT an Ecoustics mod, paid to create havoc here,play the clown,entertain,run these forums so as to draw internet hits for google for the sponsors and Ecoustics,and delete informative posts to save bandwidth and keeps people coming back to ask the same questions over and over (more internet hits at 10 cents each = alot of money),...ITS ALL SO OBVIOUS!...HE'S A MOD HERE!...and a SNITCH/MOLE for DTV,Dishnet,BEV and the FCC...U all think he's funny,but he's got your IP logged and your email addy (if U're stupid enough to register here)and handing it over to the authorities...

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dude....where the other posts

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Your posts are getting DELETED (many/most of mine) BUT NONE of his (Kneegrow) or his aliases and other "unregistered" thrashy posts..

Kneegrow the mod is back..creating havoc and deleting GOOD informative posts,so Ecoustics will get more internet hits...and more IP's kneegrow can log and report to the authorities..
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