Portable cd player won't read disc


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. ... . my panasonic portable cd player either flashes E-4 or when i try to play a regular music cd says No dISC please help repair or troubleshoot. . ... .

my cd player just wont read my disc it just says err
i have checked everything and can't find the problem.

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I have a Lenoxx Sound CD Player CD-102 Model Number. Its a potable CD player with cassett and with microphone built in. It plays cd's but I bought new cd's for it and try it out. It plays all the songs except for 1 or 2 of them. The songs that wont play, something like it wont play at all or tying to play but it goes boom boom boom boom boom and makes noises and stuff. I put my 10 year old cd in there i have no problems and other cd's in there no problems but other problems with other cd's. sometimes it shows the same thing no disc and it wont even read it.I had to take the cd out of my player and put it in my dvd player or in my computer or in my other cd players and it plays just fine. I got a cd player that is 10 years old and I did not even had any problems with it. This Lenoxx aint worth crap for cd's but good for tapes and recording and the radio plays good too. the sound is good too but play cd's aint worth a damn thing. I need some advice what should I do. I bought this thing like between a week and a month it was doing that. now its too late to take it back. they dont even make them anymore. i had more problems with this thing then my dad having problems with his dodge that he used to have and chevy he got now lol the dodge still runs but the chevy aint. like this cd player i just wanna use a sledge hammer and bust it all up and tell the people thats what china people builds when they dont want to build, they build piece of crap that aint worth buying. i know whats good and not good. american hire chinese freaks to build for us and be worth not buying. any advices or or something to help out. i know yall cant understand what im saying. when i get mad i cant understand how i talk. like one cd erika jo cd female country singer. plays find in other players but it only plays all songs ecept for one and my sawyer brown cd it only playes 1 to 6 and misses up on 7 and play the others good. im buying something better and more to spend on then what i bought at freds or family dollar stor or dollar general and walmart. i be going to best buy or circuit city to buy my cd players next time. like other places about duraband. one person said that we are to cheap to buy things because of out job. if it waasnt for my job i wouldnt have a bought a 4 wheeler. i be going on there next and tell them something about that or whatever aslongs i get some advice before i put a sledge on lenoxx. thanks

oops i meant to say it has 2 lines but dont say no disc on it. i got a portable on that saids that but i got one that is bigger and it shows 2 lines on it like dash lines like on the keyboard of your computer. i hope to figure this mess out lol. i aint buying a 36 dollars for something that cant play cds

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hello my cd player dose not work any more. i don't why. i took good care of it. look i just got it like on jan 14,2007. it seem like it dosen't want to play the cd it wasn't to read the cd. so what should i do. i don't know whats the metter with it. i didn't drop or did nothing to it.

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oh yeah its a duraband mp3 anti-skip cd player by lenoxx.

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Get some lens cleaning solution and a q-tip and gently clean the lens....that must solve your problem....also you need to check if it is not locked from the button...

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Wal-Mart has a 90 day exchange policy you know...

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haha, no kidding.
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