RCA Lyra rd2760 Jukebox


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Registered: May-05 heres the deal...all of a sudden one day im sitting on the bus listening away and then the player stops wont play any song....its not frozen...i can go to any parts of the menu but it just wont play a i try to hit the little pin reset button and nothing....doesnt i turn it off and then try to turn it back on...well now it wont get past the RCA logo on the first screen and then just shuts off. i have stuck a pin in the reset button since and again nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything on my computer that had to do with the mp3 player....even the songs...and now when i plug the player with a USB port into the computer (vaio laptop with xp home os) it says there is no device connected...any help you have would be greatly appreaciated...if you think its toast let me know so i can go out and buy something else...i need one on the bus to avoid the crazies talking to me!!!!

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I am having the same problem. Is this Mp3 player just a big dud? I have tried finding information on how to perform a hard reboot, but I can't find anything. I am beginning to hate my RCA Lyra RD2760. If I can't find the solution I will be forced to buy another, however, never will it be a RCA.

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my player is doing tha same thing, i can get it to show up on my computer but when i try to access it, write files to it, or even format it, it asks me to insert a disk. is the harddrive busted?? ive only had it a few months, i dont need to go get a new one

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Weird; i'm having the EXACT same issue as you guys. I have come to the only possible conclusion, that this thing is a piece of s__t. Someone has to know if this is fixable. I'm still buying an ipod this weekend and if my P.O.S. lyra gets fixed, it's going straight to ebay.

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I have almost same problem...with mine it only lights up, goes to the RCA logo and then quickly flashes the "file load failed" icon and then goes off. it also will say press and hold the power key to turn on even though i'm doing that!! ALSO it will show the logo but then just quicklly flash "file load failed file load failed app. failed" what a piece of CRAP

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WOW!!! I love this unit its wonderful!
- HAHA, wouldn't that be funny if somebody actually said that.

this thing sux hard, yeah same problem.
i press and hold the on button and the RCA logo comes up, then about 5 seconds later up in the right hand corner it reads exactally:

File load failed.
File load failed.
App failed.

and it comes up and covers about half of the logo, but tha message that is displayed, comes on for only like a tenth of a second, and i had to go through this failing process several times before i could read enough to see what it said. If i let go of it then the message in the middle says:

Press and Hold
Power/Play Key
to Turn Unit ON

Then when it shows up on the computer, the computer says that it is basically an empty disk (like an empty card reader), but when i double click it it says,"this disk is not formatted, would you like to format it now", and i click yes,
then i click format and the bar goes across fairly quickly, but then i wait for about 45 seconds, after it appears to be finished and the computer comes up with a message saying "this drive cannot be formatted", and i'm like F__K, this Sorry @$$ P.O.S.

Surley the 5 month hard drive isn't broken, right?

if anyone, including any RCA officials want to tell me just WTF is going on, please either make a post explaining it, or E-Mail me at

if anyone dares to say it may be a problem with your computer - you're wrong. there is nothing wrong with my brand new HP Media Center PC that has 2.99 GB of ram and a combined hard drive value of 400 GB, 630 P4 processor with HT Technology, Alright, i know a tad bit about computers, but i have never come across such a vague description of what is wrong with a device as this RCA LYRA RD2760 has given me, but however if anyone is smart enough to tell me what the matter is; PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP.


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