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OH my goodness...please help..I am unable to get this thing working properly. I've loaded songs, all within the correct bit rate for the file type. I am not over the memory use and still I can't get the songs to play. They are clearly loaded, but when I try to play them the player skips through the tracks. Also, One of the albums is listed on the player twice. Only one s listed in the folder but when i go to the player two show..i've even tried to delete everything, but one remains on the can I formatt this thing i am thisclose to taking this raggedy piece of crap back to the store.

I have one of these too and have had problems with both navigation/playing through folders and the artist/album/title/etc. profiles.

I've upgraded to the 1.51 firmware and it's marginally better (adding the on-player profiling missing from the 1.42 firmware it came with).

You can get that upgrade here:

At the moment, it seems to really hate it when I have a directory structure for my They Might Be Giants albums purchased from years ago. If I put all the individual tracks in the top level directory, they profile and play fine.

Other albums I have from EMusic work fine in similar directory structures.

I'm very tempted to return this thing too!

If you want to format this thing, just hook it up to your PC with the USB cable. It should show up as a drive you can format, chkdsk, etc.

If you do the firmware upgrade noted above, it'll also have as part of it reformatting the flash memory to the FAT32 file system, which is supposed to fix some other problems too.

If the one thing remaining on your player is called "LYRA_SYS", that's just the profiling folder and should be there, though it should be hidden.


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Thanks for the info,but I had to take the thing back. The next day after I posted this message i couldn't even turn the crap on..and my computer wouldn't even recognize it.

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i ahve a lyra 2012 and i have been having problems
i was wondering how you go about reformatting it?

Randy L M
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This f@*#!&ng thing i sgoing to make me lose my mind or kill something or someone

i was wondering how to delete songs off of it....

i was wondering how to delete songs off of it....

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I just downloaded the firmware that was mentioned above. I used it, then went to look at the Lyra in Explorer. It told me that the disk wasn't formatted (even though I just formatted it through the update) and it asked me if I wanted to. I said no, but when I did that, it wouldn't let me into the disk.

So, I said yes.


EVERYTHING is gone. Everything. Not even the radio will work now. Does anyone know where I can get the info to put back on it so it will work again?


I've been trying to get this thing to work since christmas day....

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Download and resintall the firmware....

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After adding firmware upgrade 1.52 it seem OK with internal memory and 256k cards. I tried a Lexar and Sandisk 1 gig card and could load the files but they could not be profiled either witht the Lyra software or the internal profiler function. Support dept states that they are desiged to work with 1 gig cards. They asked me to send back both of mine for a new exchange. I'l be with them for a month. I hope they fixed this in later production runs.

I welcome any thoughts ir recommendations.

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I have a 1Gb Lexar card with my 2012 and it profiles ok.

(BTW, I got mine working, thanks guys)

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hey i bought a lyra from my friend and it is not working right. It has a bunch of his old songs on it but my computer won't recognize that they are on there. I am using windows media player. The main thing i want to do is delete all of the songs on the internal hard drive because i have an external hardrive now. PLEASE HELP!

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I have a Lyra 2012 and have purchased a 1GB SD card for extra memory capacity. I received an error when I tried to store over about 435 MB on the card. I thought there was a problem with the card so I returned it and got another 1 GB card. Same problem. I called Thompson (RCA) customer support and the service representative, Jesse, told me to try a 512 MB card because the devise was not designed to utilize over about 500 MB. I'm surprised and disappointed that RCA does not mention this in any of their literature. This is a major weakness.

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I have a Lexar 1GB SD card and it has always worked great in my Lyra 2012. Althought the player has a mind of it's own and just plays in whatever order it wants - internal only, external, whatever.

I put my albums into individual folders (/artist - albumtitle). It will switch to whatever it wants after about one to four songs, play one to four songs in order from that folder, then switch again.v_1.5.1

I've read somewhere that they've changed the play method from "alphabetical" to "when added". Who thought of that? It plays the songs you just added last and the oldest one first. LOL

Thankfully, now almost everypeice of Hardware is a perpetual work of art. This player may be too old for them too give a crap about - but couldn't we mod the firmware and stuff?

Where to learn pls???

P.S. Would be cool to make it say Ruckus instead of RCA when it starts up!

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I can't find a update driver for my Win 98se to use my Lyra 2012. Does anyone know of a possible solution? I can't afford a new comp!

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I believe that there is a 255 song limit on the Lyra 2012. I have the RCA Lyra 2012, and added a 1GB card. The profiling was fine, but after listening to it in shuffle mode for a while, I noticed that some songs would never be played.

Since the play menthod was "when added" rather than alphabetical, I hooked up the player to my PC, and sorted the songs by "Date Created".

I could play all of the songs by double0clicking the title on the PC, but not all would play on the Lyra.

I noticed that the 67 tunes in the internal memory would play, but only the first 188 (sorted by Date Created) of the SD card songs would play. 67+188=255... I suspect that this is the maximum indexing value in the firmware. Altogether, the 255 songs totalled about 647MB, so I don't believe RCA Support's story about a 500MB limit.

I upgraded my firmware to v1.51, but the problem remains. If anyone knows how to get around this limit, please tell me. I feel like I've wasted my money on this 1GB card!

Nothing at all about this was mentioned in the documentation; if there are hardware limits, then I need to know before I spend my money on an MP3 player!

--- Bob

I am sad to see RCA delete the 2012 from their line. With ver 1.51 it works with 2gb cards. Music is played alphabetically by title, not track. So you just have to edit the title tag to add a track number like 01, 02, etc. With my 2gb card I have well over 300 songs - no 256 limit as someone mentioned. I turn my player on each night and fall asleep with it playing. I wake up 7 hours later. I replace batteries once a month. I guess that is 70+ hours.

New RCA modles dropped the AA for an AAA an 20 less hours, and dropped the SD slot.

Very bad of them!

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I also had problems playing songs on the lyra. Tech rep said send it back so I did. I received another one and the same problem is occurring. What are you guys that are able to put on over 1gb doing that the rest of us are not?

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I've had this device for about 5 months now and it worked like a charm until recently : the songs won't play. The screen shows all their individual info correctly and FM radio works fine but the songs I downloaded just won't play. They used to start automatically when I selected them. Has this problem happened to anyone?? I'm pretty bummed out...

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yea well i got 1 from some 1 n all i got was the 2012 player n i wanted to know if there was ne way to get it to work 4 windows media player without the origenal install disk cuz when i try n copy the songs it says that the interface isnt registered n i wanted to know if there was a good and easy way of solvein this
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