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I'm guessing this is a common question and it might just have an easy answer, i just don't know it. so here it goes...

I just moved in with a new roomate, he has a pc and i have a mac. we would like to exchange a lot of the music we have on our itunes and ipods, but like we thought we just can't plug in our pods to each others computers and then drag and drop.
does someone have an easy answer for this or be able to point me in the right direction? thanks in advance.

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It will not work with the drag and drop. You have to burn it and then copy it to your own separate computers. Transferring it via iPod will not work.

Please help!

My Ipod Mini's backlight worked for a short while when I got it in june, but after that it stopped working completely. Occasionally it would start to flicker off and on and then it would just go out. Also, my left speaker is a little fuzzy and I dont know why. It seems like I blew out the speaker from playing music too loud but i never play my music really loud. I'm wondering if there is a way I can get a new one without actually having to buy it. It's not my fault that the backlight was faulty. I dont think I can xchange it because once it was in my back pack and got really scratched up, so I don't think anyone will take it. I think I deserve to get a new free one since those problems arent my fault. I don't want to have to send it in either, i'd just rather be able to get a knew one. Is that possible? Please help me!

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How much are you selling it for? :P

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