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Wiring a pair of Sony earplugs/cable to new 3.5mm jack??gamergeek900053
10 Best Headphone Deals leo stierer3
Headphone Recommendation?angelayu13
Noob looking for good headphonesnitecrawlr7
Sennheiser HD570 vs. Grado SR80 vs. Alessandro MS-1Christopher Molloy19
Best headphones for under $30nitecrawlr11
How to get Grado HF-1Berny3
Unexceptible quality for your headphonesBerny3
Denon AH-D1100 vs. AH-A100Greg Whitman4
<£180 unamped headphones for music, movies and gameingHeadguy2
Walkman cassette?superjazzyJa1
Are the Beats by Dre Studio worth the 159$?David Porry1
True 5.1 surround headphonesSimons Parker27
Sony MDR-EX71SLrushone1
How Primero DPC work under extreme noise environment?Manifest Marketing1
Buzz and hum in speakers and headphonegamal1
Anyone know any type of Wireless Surround Sound Headphones?whitefish2
Speakers as headphones?3-B-T-O-D-D2
Bose headphones plug do not fit my mp3. can I splice correct jack ...3-B-T-O-D-D3
Headphones bad for hearing...Ilana2
Which headphone amp?Nout3
Headphone Check: a PollNout3
Have anybody used Sennheiser Pc35?Jack Darton1
Which Headphones are Best?Finker Andreas3
Aurvana Air Finker Andreas2
Sony MDR V700 headphones to new 3.5mm jack?James Lee2
Retractable In-Ear Headset Recommendationhappiness8881
Maxell Swarovski Crystal budz buds pink earphonessyed quadri1
Grados - try them - American best stuffGregory Thorne10
Stax Lambda Nova Basic SystemGregory Thorne1
Sennheiser HD-201 vs. JBL Reference 410Gregory Thorne5
Sennheiser HD 280pro vs Denon AH-D1000Gregory Thorne4
SENNHEISER HD 800`SGregory Thorne1
In ear phoneskyle1
Bose quietcomfort 2 reviewkyle1
Headphones plugNone1
XMOD - X-Fi module for use with headphonesHc2
Use Surround Headphones w/ Non-Surround Sourcedaniel scrobe4
Sennheiser HD565 Headphones - Intermittant FaultsBerny2
Bose and Yamaha ReviewBerny7
Ideas For HeadphonesMatt Stilwell5
Shure SE530Hubert Paul1
Shure E2C's or V-Moda VibesMatty Wallis1
Good (best?) gaming headphone?r41n1
HELP!!!! need help wiring 1/4" jack for Sony MDR CD180 headphoneskeith2
Alessandro MS-1: The Best Headphones under $100?Christopher Molloy7
Discussion and inquiry on earphone comfortbenjamin dolan2
Hi, im having toubles finding headphones that fit in my MP3 Jexx6
New Contender For Best Headphones Under $30?Jexx2
See How Good Your Headphones Really AreJexx2
For iPod use onlyStefan7
Skull CandyElla Mama2
Clip Ons And In-Ear EarbudsElla Mama4
Maxell, Jensen, EarHugger, and a $ Store Brand Connected?Gavin2
I need help picking out new headphones. (I bought the BOSE QC2's a...Gavin6
Sennheiser HD 495s - looking for something similarJo Goodwin3
Noise cancelling headphonesgavin cumm7
Sennheiser HD 424 ... Unearthed ...Jexx9
Koss PRO-4AAJexx2
Similar question to headphone jack wiring... I'll PAY YOU!!Jexx2
AKG headphones..recommend to me!James Lee2
In-ear HeadphonesJexx5
Found the motherlode of info on "cans" Need opinion on the best for...Jexx3
Complete newb, please help me out.Jexx3
X-Fi unamped Ath-A900 or A700?Jexx2
Panasonic headphonesJexx2
Comfortable headphones for a big head :-)?...Casey Wood4
Need Help With Headphones!!!Daniel Rog8
Headphones for my Dell DJDoug2
IPod, 5.1 headphonesJexx5
Noise canceling headphones instead of ear plugsJexx2
Just a comment on my headphonesJexx3
Deep bass rendition issuesmonika kuczawska6
Headphone for under 150Joe Capozziello6
How can I wire headphones to a speaker system?Cal5
Sony MDR-XD200 headphonesJexx12
Headphone and Microphone connectionscuba steve2
Headphones for a 5.1 recieverChristopher M.22
Best sound quality 4 money headphones!!scuba steve10
Grado HF-1scuba steve1
Is this the end for my Grado SR 80's?Christopher M.2
Headphone JackJeff3
Sennheiser HD 495 or HD 497 HeadphonesAndy Summers8
Pioneer HDJ-1000 Replacement cord-need it cheap!Jexx2
How do i connect the wires on a headphone jack???HEEEELP!!james1
Headphones for Church MixingIrv Rollman1
Headphones for Portable mp3 PlayerDon Kelly7
Sennheiser 497 warm up?JonM2
Sennheiser HeadphonesJonM4
Question from poland :] please help ;/JonM2
How to Bypass cut-out unitE. M. Hogan1
Sennheiser RS85 v. AKG K506Daniel Doveton1


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