Touble-Shooting Kenwood VR 6050


When watching a DVD I have to have the volume much louder than when listening in the other audio modes. Does anyone have any suggestion about what I am doing wrong. This is very irritating when changing to another audio source and getting blasted out of the room by the volume.

Tim P
I don't know if you receiver has it, but on the 6070 you can set the analog inputs with a -3dB or -6dB setting if they are to strong. Read your manual, see if it is the same as the 6070.

Tim P
Found it, look on page 20 of your manual, it takes you thru the steps to lower the volume of analog sources.

Hello David
You can adjust the analog input like Tim told you. But you can also try to calibrate your system with a Radio Shack sound preasure meter and a set-up disc like Video Essentials or Avia, these discs have a Image Science Foundation & THX certification. This process will give you a better ambience effect and exellent speaker level output power . I recommend to set the sound preasure meter to low response and c weightening, the meter should read 75db in all channels when using the set-up disc pink noise output. Give it a try and send an E-mail to for your results. Happy Holydays Caesar C,
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