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I am looking for some advice on speakers to match my NAD 742. I will be using them for 70% ht. My room is 16x12 feet. I plan to spend $500-$700 for two mains and a center for now and later buy a sub and surrounds. I don't care much about appearance...much more interested in getting great sound for a good price.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Axiom audio got raving reviews - they sell direct so they offer you more quality for the buck. You can read all the reviews here - www.axiomaudio.com

This place has better prices - http://www.vertigoonline.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?

AMBS667 - front
AVCCS - center
AMMS - back
AES - sub

For less than $700, you can get this complete surround.


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Excellent receiver. I first heard one about a year ago shortly after I bought my Denon and I was looking for new speakers. Suffice to say the 742 embarrasses my 3803, leaving me with a severe case of buyers remorse.

I know of some speakers that are a killer with that receiver. Check out the NHT SB-3s and the NHT SC-1 center speaker. Now, the SB-3s have an MSRP of $300 each as does the SC-1, which is $900, but I priced them at Kief's (www.kiefs.com) for $235 each, which would come to $705 for the front three speakers. The sound is quite good as the SB-3s were so good they are now the reference bookshelf speaker for Stereophile magazine.

If that is a bit too much, then I highly recommend the Ascend Acoustics CM-170s. Excellent speakers, winner of many awards from a number of publications over the past couple of years. Check them out at www.ascendacoustics.com. They are priced at $328/pair, but as they are available directly from the manufacturer, they would go for twice or three times that if sold through dealers. Also won a small speaker shootout held by the delightfully crazy people over on the AVforum over a number of other good internet sales speakers (like Axiom). Match a pair of the CM-170s with a CM-340 center speaker and it will cost less than $550 for the front three speakers.

Anyways, those are two excellent choices for that superb receiver you have. Check them out.

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