Help! Newbie question about Marantz SR7500


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Trying to set up a 5.1 speaker system. Have a question about matching speaker impedances in HT setup. My fronts are rated at 88db efficiency and at 8 ohms. Center is rated at 90db and at 4 ohms (same brand). Surrounds are rated at 90db at 4 ohms. (different brand). I will be playing system at somewhat loud levels but never at reference levels. I have not bought either the speaker system or receiver yet. My concern is whether it's a good idea to have impedances different all over the place. Don't want the Marantz to run out of steam trying to drive 4 ohm loads in the center and surrounds. I was thinking that maybe since the 4 ohm surrounds and center are more efficient, it would be OK.

Please help. I will be taking the plunge in a few days. Does anyone know if the SR7500 can run 4 ohm loads comfortably? If it's a bad idea, can someone recommended me a decent receiver with sound quality on the "warm and musical" side that is in the same price range.


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My room is only 15 x 11 x 10. So maybe "loud" would not tax the receiver too much. I dunno, getting more confused.

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Have a look on the back of the 7500 to see what speaker impdences the reciever can handle. I have the 7300 and it states clearly minimum 6 ohms.

Unless the 7500 has changed power supplies, 4ohm loads could cause it to go into protection mode from overheating.

I know impedences can drop below the rated specs but I would think this would be taken into account. I'd check your manual - or your Marantz dealer.

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