Bigger Mean Better???


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Hey, thanks for any advise,
I own a real nice 8.1 system witch , to my ears , sounds great, now my question is If i increas the Size of all my speaker wires and buy the more Expensive A/v cabels will i get a noticabel Differance in my sounds? thanks

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Here's a few more answers to that question:

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How big is the speaker wire you have now? If it's really, really, really, thin, then yes, thicker wire may offer some benefit.

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If your speaker wire is 16 gauge, you are probably not going to notice a difference unless your runs are very long (over 35 feet, for example). In my experience, the most noticeable difference that you get from cables would be from the video cable connecting your video to your receiver or cable box. Other A/V cables might not make a noticeable difference unless you have interference that better shielding will resolve. Yes, there are plenty of people that swear by expensive cables, but at the end of the day you are moving electrons and the way a cable colors sound, if any, is going to be related more to personal opinion than price of cable. Just my opinion.

some people ears differences... the rest... not... then... you should test and decide

Ricky, grab a 100ft spool of Sound King speaker wire and a handful of banana plugs at and you'll be all set. very durable and just as good if not better than Monster (definitely cheaper!!)

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Awsome, Thanks Guy for the Advice ill try the Sound King Out, and i already got the Bannana Plugs on my Receiver thanks

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This Ixos cable got good ratings from the pros at Europian Audio magazines. J696&ic=IXOS%2DXHS706S&cc=&tpc=


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my experience has been use good quality cabling around. "not ultra expensive"
and you should be set. in my oppinion if youve got
good stuff then going ultra expensive is not neccasary.
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