NAD 753 subwoofer problem, listening modes, etc.


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new to the HT thing and just bought a NAD 753 to go with a pair of Klipsch RB-5 bookshelf speakers, a Klipsch subwoofer and Boston Acoustics satellites (i still need a center channel).

a few of questions for the experts here, if it's not too much trouble:

1. I'm having problems with the subwoofer - sometimes it comes on, sometimes not for a few minutes or until i start flicking switches on the back. i never had this problem with my old receiver. is the NAD subw channel balky?

2. i need a center channel speaker and anticipate upgrading the other speakers at a later time to something like the B&W 600 series. would it make sense to just get the B&W LCR60 or LCR600 now or would it sound terrible with this mix? is the NAD 753 enough power for the B&W 600? the B&W 700?

3. i'm confused about the listening modes (just for audio - i haven't even gotten to the DVD/surround stuff yet) on the NAD. to my ear, the Enhanced ST1 mode sounds best with the NEO6: music and EARS modes sounding OK, but at much, much lower volume levels, and the Prologic II music mode sounds terrible. is this the consensus opinion or am i doing something wrong? is it normal to have to adjust the volume so dramatically for each mode?

thanks very much in advance...

Daniel Benatar
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I have the T773 and like the EARS sound mode. Yes, the matrix 7.1 mode is louder than the EARS mode (for the same volume). I don't like the PLII mode at all. I have check this mode at the other receivers and to me it didn't sound good.

No issue with the SW.

Hope this help you, Daniel
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