Nad 763 or 762 which speakers to get


help wanted hawk
hawk, looking to get the new nad 763 when it comes out, any day now I hear, my problem lies with the wife. she/we need bookshelf speakers for the fronts and in ceiling speakers in the rear..also need sub.. per other threads I heard you mention krix which size wise fits nicely in my shelves.. but they dont cary inceiling speakers .. help? also the nht cm series are a nice size as well.. the sub you liked if I remember correctly was a hsu vtf .. .. just tell what to get ..p.s. sure glad your still with us!


I am not Hawk...but I will post anyway. I have a NAD T762 and PSB speakers and love the combo. PSB Image 2B speakers sound awesome and are bookshelf speakers...and cost only $399 per pair retail. PSB also makes in ceiling speakers. The Image series gives you a tremendous bang for your buck. I also like Paradigm with NAD, which also makes an inceiling speaker. Both brands are very warm sounding and will bring out the detail of the receiver even more.

Wow, I appreciate that everyone has there own opionion, but if you are going to spend that much on a Receiver, you should probably consider better speakers than the likes of a mid hifi brand like PSB.
B&W, Monitor Audio, and Paradigm like you mentioned to name a few are a little more money and much better sounding. But for a budget speaker, PSB are a decent bang for your buck purchase.

PSB is not a mid brand at all. They make several lines of speakers and their new line is very expensive. Their Image line is priced a bit more expensive than Paradigm's Monitor series and very comparable in quality if not a bit better.Listen to both and you'll like them both I bet and have a hard time deciding which is better.

help wanted hawk
thx.. the paradigm are a tad big for my shelves 15x10x9 if i recall.. also was told about dynaudio 42 series but they dont make an affordable inceiling speaker for rears 1300.00 for rears is a bit pricey for me.. looking for the 11x7x9 is a better fit..but thx for the info .. b@w cm series im also looking at, and like there size..all comments appreciated thx

I still believe PSB is mid hifi. Not bad but mid hifi. I have always been uninpressed with their sound compared others costing just a little more. They only seem to get higher end respect on this website.

I too had this same issue with the wife acceptance factor. In the end I got the Paradigm Titans for the front and the in-walls (in ceiling) for the rear. I think they all sound great. I personally liked the Paradigms more than the PSBs ( a little warmer IMO). I am also planning on getting the NAD 763 - and I just got an email yesterday from NAD that stated that the receiver was currently en route to the stores - so they should be there very soon, if not already.

I will second the Paradigm Titans recommendation.

help wanted:

Lots of very good choices to go with a new 763 (boy, am I jealous!). I wish you had given a budget, though, as it would help me narrow down the choices.

Based upon what I have read on this thread, though, I think I can take a stab at it.

Here are a few choices I really like:

1. Dynaudio 42s. Now Dynaudio offers three different versions of the 42s and you need to know about all three. The basic 42 is a rear ported mini-monitor that is about the most neutral speaker I have ever heard. I love the sound, but in my case, I cannot use a rear ported speaker. If you are going to put these speakers into a wall unit or on shelves, they won't work for you, either. The rear port gives off bass info that gets lost and somewhat muddies the sound when not in a free standing position. However, there are two other 42s which have their port on the front. The 42C is meant to be the center speaker, but there is no reason why it can't be used in all three front positions. Alternatively, there is the 42W, which has a wider, but much flatter box (only 7" deep so you can mount it directly against the wall). I think you can pair these with almost any in-ceiling rear speaker and they would sound fine as it is most important to get thr front three speakers to match. Dynaudio 42Cs are $395 each and the 42Ws are $799/pair. Check them out.

2. NHT M5s: I have recommended the M5s before to others on theis board who had a similar setup to what you describe. The M5 is a three way acoustically sealed speaker, so you don't have to worry about which way the port is firing. More importantly, it has a switch, called a "Boundary Switch" which will roll off the lower end when the speaker is placed close to walls in in shelves as the nearby boundaries will tend to reinforce the bass, anyways. It is a very accurate and smooth speaker--very pleasing to listen to. I have been given a price of $325 each and they are very attractive in a piano black gloss finish. These can be matched with some excellent NHT in-ceiling speakers for your rears, as well. If the Krix are a good fit for your shelves, then the M5s would work just as well as they are just about the same size, but they are acoustically sealed, so you don't have to worry about which way the port is firing. Kief's gave me a price of $325 each.

3. NHT SB-3s: A compact two way acoustically sealed speaker that images beautifully. Again, this can be mated with the NHT in ceilings for your rear and a nice NHT SC-1 or SC-2 center speaker. A real bargain, too. MSRP is $300 each, but Kief's will sell them for $235 each.

4. Paradigm Studio 20s. Rather compact, front ported, very accurate and warm sounding speaker that I have always thought sounded superb with NAD electronics. $800/pair. I know Paradigm makes in-walls for your rears, but I haven't heard them, although I am sure they sound very much like the other Paradigms which is very good. I have not heard the Titans, as suggested by others, but Paradigm makes very good speakers.

5. Krix KDX-Ms: About $700-750 pair, depending upon finish. These are a little deeper than most speakers (11")but still a bookshelf size (17" tall), and although they have a rear port, they are made to be mounted to the wall with a Krix bracket, so placing them in shelves should not be a problem. Very accurate and smooth speaker that I really like. They do not have an in-wall speaker for your rears, however. Nevertheless, with three Krix across the front, you would have a superb soundstage, and most in-walls (Sonance, Speakercraft or Elan, for example) can be tuned to match well with these speakers.

Subwoofers: You have read me correctly as I really like the Hsu Research VTF-2 subwoofer, available right now for $449. I simply have not heard a more accurate sub for less than $1K. There are better subs, but not in its price range or even close for that matter.

Well, there are some great choices, running anywhere from $470/pr. to $800/pr. for your mains. I think any of them would be a great combo with your new receiver.


Has anyone heard the NHT L5 wall mount speakers?

help wanted hawk
hawk, thx my budget is 7500.00 ..however i have 4 other rooms with speakers needed and an outdoor patio so 5 other pairs needed plus installation and valume controls.. and cables, etc.. the fronts have to sit in a bookshelf.. and a 17inch tall speakers will not work for me..11inch deep is o.k. i need less then 15inch tall speaker. really sucks but thats the max size..

help wanted hawk
hawk , also my room size is 18wx20deep .the back side of the room is open to the kitchen. wood floors with area rug on top and french doors on both sides so very "reflective room" .. thx very much for your comments I value yours and elitefans comment very very much!! valted ceiling starts at 8ft rises to 12ft..

hawk help wanted
krix webb site give 1 dealer in the usa that number does not work..local guy is also pushing phasetech.. thoughts hawk?
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