Need help on picking receiver with Bose AM10 II


Buffy Y
Hi, I am thinking to invest some money on both speakers and receiver.. about $1000 - 1500 US.
I know it's not much.
I went to Bose retail store in Seattle and I loved AM15. I found AM10 II at 799.00..(hope sound the same)
I tried a lot to research on receivers.

I read couple of msg in this forum and I got so confused.

My living room is 10 x 30 sq ft(including the kitchen) rectacgular shape and my TV and audio system are located at the corner.
I love warm sound. I love to listen to Symphony type of music -- full orchestra music.

Could you give some suggestions??
Thanks so much!!


Get Paradigms or PSB for a nice musical sound. Matched with a Marantz or NAD. If you bought towers (maybe Monitor 7?) and got the receiver now, you could save and buy the other speakers later, or you could go for a 5.1 set now, but have less of a system. Thats your choice. Were you looking at Bose because of space restriction? Look at Paradigm Cinema Series. This is just a suggestion so look at other speakers too, but I would hightly not recomend Bose!


Buffy Y
Thanks, G.DawG.
So you think it's better to buy something else than Bose?
I don't have enough experience..
We have Bose retail store here(Seattle, WA, USA) but where do you think I can go and listen Paradigms or PSG in NW USA?

I have Bose AM15 and I actually like them very much. I have a 70w x5 and the sound for what I need spectactular.

Buffy, I was in the same position as you last yr.

I too went to the BOSE store and they sounded great, but I did my homework and now own Paradigm's, and WOW, with the right receiver you will be Glad you did. visit and they will list the Dealer nearest you.

Have fun with it, and listen to different Speakers, combos, and I promise you, you will be glad you did.

My 2 cents.

Joel B.
Ok, My problem is I have the AM 10 speakers and I'm looking for a receiver to go with them. They will be going in a 22 x 17 room. Any recomendations on receivers will be helpfull. I was looking at the Denon 1804 but that unit may be more than I need.
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