Onkyo SKS-HT200's (speakers bundled w/ ht-s760) VS. Fluance AV-HTB


Hi all. I recently purchased the HT-S760, and have been fairly satisfied with its performance so far. I have a pretty decent ear (classically trained violinist) but have only my Klipsch promedia 4.1 system for direct audio comparisons (I really like the Klipschs.) The Onkyo system sounds great with DVDs in everything except human voice, which is an important part of movies. Voices sound somewhat muted, distant, and lack presence. On vocal music, this problem is even more pronounced. The system also lacks the general clarity of my Klipsch speakers, but the vocals are the most glaring problem.

First, has anyone else with this system noticed this problem?

Second, if I move to the Fluance AV-HTB, can I expect a dramatic improvement in audio performance (i.e. if you've heard both, can you say the Fluance system is a lot nicer?)

Thanks in advance for your help, and any words of wisdom to this audio neophyte.
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