Klipsch is #1


no one gets louder than klipsch and sounds as good loud at the same price.!!! If you want to rock or if you want to shake the walls when that ship fly's over head Klipsch is the way to go....

James Gates
First of all, Klipsch makes a wide variety of speaker lines. Are you talking about the synergy series, reference series, ???

I love my Klipsch and think they sound awesome, but they certainly were not cheap.

I bought a $250 FLUANCE system I bought out of curiousity and initially hooked it up in my HT room right next to my Klipsch RF-35 / RC-35 / RS-35 Surrounds /RW-12 Sub.

I was surprised at how close they came. Even without the breakin they talk about with Fluance. The conclusion I came to is go with whatever makes you feel good.

Louder is not better. What quality of reproduction are you satisified with is the real question. I find the current Klipsch models like listed above to be very bright and at times harsh. They need a very mellow amp to drive them. That kind of combo is a very nice sounding mix. Klipsh are very efficient which is a real high point of their speakers but be careful what you drive them with. I have a dealer who actually drives some of their Klipsch models with SonyES and I can't think of a worse combination. At least I have never heard one. I prefer Monitor Audio to Klpisch for a brand that is one the bright side. Much smoother and a bit warmer after break in.

But louder IS better; if you like AC/DC, Def Leppard, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin. Then crank it up!
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