Infinity Entre Point Five


Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

I bought a totally HK system with a demo AVR 225, an new HK CDR and a DVD player. I got a great deal at Crutchfield with the Infinity Entra point 5 speakers. They sound fantastic! I have a large great room and the Infinty's don't bottom out. Very crisp and clean with the HK receiver. A very good deal at $499.

Anon, how big is your room? Also, I have not been able to see the system in a store, do the speakers look like wood or plastic? Thanks.

Kenneth Kilburn
My great room is 18 x 30 with a 12' ceiling. The sub does not bottom out. The whole room including the kitchen is 30 x 30 but there is an 8' wall separating that are (it does not go all the way to the ceiling). With that the speakers sound great with music or dvds. I use the race scene from star wars as a judge. Some of the posts said that the sub had a hum but I have not heard anything. Addtionally, the sub has auto sense shut off. When no sound is playing it powers down and powers up when it detects sound. The wood is black satin finish - very nice. I almost bought the HK HTS 12 which was a little cheaper but looked a lot cheaper. That has a 12" sub, but the Infinity 10" does just fine. I am very excited about the infinitys and have not regretted my choice. - Ken Kilburn (aka anon)

I just bought these this week and love them. I have the Onkyo Tx-SR601. I am thinking of trying to pick up a pair of Infinity Entra One speakers to use for the fronts and then I will move one of the satellites to the rear center channel. The only reason I do this is because I think that scenario might be better for music.

Thanks for your answer Kenneth. Smess, how large is your room. I am intrigued by your positive reviews.
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