Bose AM series 15 speakers


I have the Bose AM series 15 speakers and I am looking to upgrade my receiver to 7.1. Can any recommend a receiver that will play well with the series 15. Also, I may want to replace the little cube center speaker and I would appriciate your input on that as well....

What receiver are you running? For the cost of replacing the receiver, I would recomend replacing the speakers, and then the receiver later. IMHO 7.1 isnt all its cracked up to be. Get new speakers instead BOSE SUCKS. Almost everybody on this board with bash bose, and for a reason. They just arent that good sounding. In other words, you can do alot better for your money.

Well, since you already have the Bose speakers, you may as well work with what you have. And if 7.1 is what you want, we'll work with that, too. What is your budget?
I believe the Bose speakers are 6 ohms, so you may want to go with receivers that are more tolerant of impedances lower than 8 ohms. HK is a good start.
more info please.

The AM15 claim to be 8ohms. I have a Yamaha rxv594 (70w x5) and the speakers actaully sound pretty good. I will eventually replace the speakers but wanted to spend the $$ now on a good receiver.
I did buy a Yam rxv2400 but did not like what I heard from the speakers. I tried to tweak and re-tweak but the sound was just too drawn back, not crisp like I have currently so I returned the reciever. I was figuring on about $1,000 for the receiver.

I do have a set of Polks connected to speaker B for outside.

Well, that's a good start. I have listened to the Yamaha RX-V2400 and to me it sounded crisp if a little too forward, however it was paired with the Yamaha NS777, probably why it sounded more defined. It sounded better with Athena ASF-2, but still a little forward sounding and also good with the Axiom M60. The problem you may run into would be that the sound you hear may again be different once you settle on a receiver and then buy a new set of speakers. I think returning the Yamaha may have been a little premature, but then again, you are the one listening to it so if you don't like it, you just don't.
Are you particular to some brands?? That's also important, because I can recommend a NAD product such as the T762 for $899 at Saturday Audio or the T752 for $699, they are usually $1200 and $900 respectively, but can be had for less. If you are leery about quality control issues (although few and probably isolated), then it may not be for you.
There's the Pioneer VSX-D859TX which is around $750-800 and sound nice and crisp with the am15 (will sound different with another set).
Denon AVR2803 is also good with the AM15 for around $800-900.
There is HK DPR1001...great receiver that will be easy to find speakers for.
Then there's the Outlaw Audio 1050, if you can find it...I think it will be replaced by a newer model soon so if you can wait it should be well worth it.
Good luck!

I had to return it becaaue I didn't want to get stuck with something I was unsure about, I can always buy another one if I feel this is the one I want, but I now unsure.

Anyway...let me ask this question. I currently have the Yamaha RXV595...when I play music in
"Disco" mode all 4 (front and back) play great.
On the RXV2400 only the front play and the backs are drawn out. any ideas?
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