Yamaha RX-V vs. HTR


I have noticed that some Yamaha Receivers have an RX-V code and others have an HTR code. What's the difference?

It seems that RX-V are higher end, but there does appear to be some overlap. Is HTR an older line?

The HTR line is the line that sells at Best Buy and other low end electronics stores(cc, futureshop), and the RX-V line is what sells at "higher end" stores.(A&B Sound) Theres no difference in electronics, the only difference is black feet to silver feet.

Hope that answers your question!


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When I bought my last receiver (Yamaha RX-V595), I seem to remember the equivalent HTR model also had a cheaper front (plastic instead of metal, or at least not as good a metal as what was on the RX-V) and the knobs had a cheaper feel to them too. Perhaps I was imagining this as I was checking out the HTR at Sears at the time and thus may not have been expecting much. :)

I also seem to remember that the HTR had a higher level of THD than the RX-V. But again, it's been awhile, so I can't be sure. And pricing was surprisingly similar, so of course I bought the RX-V.

Somewhere on Yamaha's website I found something stating that they are electrically equivalent, using the same components. My guess is that this allows them to sell to Best Buy, Sears, etc. without ticking off their private retailers. I would compare features and specs and make my decision. Their website (WWW.YAMAHA.COM) has comparison charts. They only compare HTR to HTR and RX-V to RX-V, but by bringing up two windows and comparing side by side you should be able to find out what you want.

I generally don't see the big box stores discount Yamaha. If that's the case I'd go to a small store and get some customer service. Generally the experts at Best Buy or Sears were selling ampliances the day before, and generally don't possess much product knowledge.

The RX-V line has silver feet and white print. The HTR line has black feet, tan print and the YAMAHA name plate is rased instead of just printed.

Anyways, I will never buy a receiver from Bestbuy. There is no real way to audition the receiver and hear how it sounds. They are normally hooked up to some cheap $60 speakers just so you can hear they make sound. That is BS!!! CirciutCity did the same thing so thing. Anyways, 75% of the stuff I buy here in town is from AmericanTV. They carry some cheap and some high end stuff.
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