Just got Polk r50's..........


Theo Varelas
I'm gonna connect these to my computer, ps2, and tv. Can anyone recommend a receiver that would work well with these, I am planning to add a center speaker and probably wont add rear speakers. Looking for a receiver for under 400 that would be optimal for these conditions?


Theo Varelas
Any assistance would be helpful because I have no idea about compatibility and stuff like that so if someone could direct me in to an article or advice on what i should look for to best fit my speakers.



Check out some of the Onkyo receivers. They have many that are under $400. I am not sure exactly what types of connections you are looking for, so check out their website to see which specific model would fit your needs. I had an older Onkyo paired with Polk speakers and I was very happy with the sound. Also, I would look at the lower end HK models as well (AVR-125 and 130). I much prefer the HK sound to the Onkyo sound, but I am not sure if they offer all of the connections you would be looking for. Also, do not be put off by the HK's low power ratings. They rate their receivers very conservatively, when you compare apples to apples, the HK will offer much more real power than the Onkyo's.

Thanks John
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