NAD T752 speaker settings


I have a NAD T752 receiver and I am trying to do adjustment to the speaker settings. On the OSD speaker menu, we can change the size of the speakers, like large or small. I have a question though, what do NAD referring to "SURR BACK" and "SURR BACK L/R"? There are no explaination anywhere. I thought SURROUND are the two rear surround speakers. What is the difference between SURROUND, SURR BACK and SURR BACK L/R?

Also, what do NAD refer to in the speaker distance menu? Does it mean the direct distance from the speaker to the listening position?

So far, I really enjoy the sound of NAD with B&W speakers. Sound much better than my previous Yamaha & Paradigm Monitor Speakers combination.



Brad C.
Yes speaker distance is from the primary sitting/listening spot to each individual speaker...

Surround back is probably referring to a 7.1 setup where you have 2 speakers on the side of the primary listening position (aka surrounds) and then 2 rear speakers behind the sitting position ( aka surround back )

In a 5.1 setup people either put their surrounds on a rear wall or to the sides of the listening position...

In a 6.1 people put their surrounds like a 5.1 and then they put a rear center channel on the back wall... So they either have two speakers on the side walls with one on teh back or they have 3 speakers on the back wall, depending upon room layout...

Hope that helps and makes sense...

By the way the NAD T752 only amplifies 5 channels, you would have to add on a external 2 channel amplifier if you wanted to do a 7.1 setup, but it is possible... :)
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