New receiver for my new klipsch rf25


I just puchased a set of Klipsch rf-25 to replace my front klipsch speakers in my home theater system. I am now looking to upgrade my receiver. I have budget of 500-700 dollars. I am looking at the yamaha htr-5660. What do you guys think?

also what do think of the klipsch rf-25 for my fronts in a home theater package?

okay why no comments, someone please help me. If I did not put down the correct info, please let me know! Help.

Klipsch with Yamaha is a sonic disaster IMO. Klipsch do best with a mellower receiver. Try a NAD, Elite, Marantz or H/K. Also avoid Denon, and SonyES with Klipsch.

have i not asked you guys the right/correct questions?

so what would be a great receiver to match the klipsch, model number brand

In your budget, try H/K AVR-325 or 330 ($699 retail), NAD T742 ($449) or T752 ($699), both on closeout from Saturday Audio Exchange right now (, or Elite VSX-53tx ($690 from Personally, I would recommend either of the NAD's, as I have a T762 and am very pleased, but I think you would be happy with any of those I have listed. Like elitefan said, stay away from Yamaha and Klipsch together, in my opinion...way too bright sounding.

Sorry I did'nt give you specific models. Did'nt understand that's what you needed. Johnny has it nailed. Those are the models I would have mentioned. All are excellent and good match with your speakers. The Marantz models to look at are the 5300 and 6300. Also look at the H/K525 if there are some left at closeouts. J&R Music World has had it for $699 for the last couple months and may have some left. There may be some Elite vsx43 or 45's left at various sites also. I own the 45 and really love it.

Thanks for the recommendations...What do you guys mean by a mellow receiver, I do not understand. Did I make a bad selection on going with the Klipsch rf-25's?


I myself just bought some new PSB speakers to go along with an NAD T762. I wrote a reveiw of it on another thread this morning...I will paste a portion of it may help you understand what "bright" and "mellow" means. However, it is by no means a universal definition, as what sounds "bright" to one person may sound "mellow" to reality, it is just a matter of personal preference.

"When I first started reading this forum, many people were describing sounds as being "bright" or "mellow"..."in your face" or "laid back". Not having much to compare, I did not really know what the difference was. What defines something as "bright" or "laid back"? After comparing my old Polk's and the new PSB's, I now know what all of the talk was about. I would describe the PSB/NAD combination as definately more "mellow" or "laid back" than my old Polk/NAD combination. The Polks sounded very bright compared to the PSB's. For me at least, the "mellow" PSB sound is much more desirable. The best way I can describe it in a way that other people can relate to is around with the treble control on your receiver. Turn the treble all the way up...this is what "bright" emphasis on the "higher" sounds. This is what the Polks sounded like comparatively. Then, turn the treble back to the normal position. This sound is more "mellow" or "laid back". There is not so much emphasis on the higher sounds, rather it seems more blended. This is how the PSB speakers sound in my mind."

As for your decision to buy Klipsch, I think you made a fine decision. To tell you the truth, I have never actually heard them...but I have heard from others that they are very nice. However, they are definately a "bright" speaker (hopefully you understand a little better what that means now). Therefore, you need a receiver that is a little more mellow to tame some of the brightness. If you get a receiver that is bright (i.e. Yamaha), then the brightness of the receiver and the brightness of the speakers are amplified...and will thus become REALLY BRIGHT!! Maybe even so bright that it will literally hurt to listen to. I think that is what elitefan meant by "sonic disaster" in his earlier post. So, your choice in speakers is not bad, you just need to be careful to get a receiver that pairs well with the bright Klipsch speakers.

Thank you very much for the info, it is very appreciated. Given the suggestions above, do you have aprefference with a particular receiver would be the better mathch. Thanks again.

Denon is a fine choice for your Klipsch rf-25's. If the RF-25's are the 2003 models then they are not as "bright" as last years. Same with the Denon 03 models.

I have demo'd ther RF25's with a Denon 2803 and liked it more than the comparable Missions . Denon makes/distributes Mission speakers.

Consensus of most retailers in my area is that the Yamaha is a really bright amp .

Elitefan is right on with his suggestions (with the exception of the Denon - my opinion of course).

Johnny explained what I meant very well. While I do not personally care for Klipsch they will serve you well if paired with the right receiver. The Elite vsx45 is a great receiver and if you can find one that's my first recommendation. If you want a test report on it go to Rotels website and under the info section go to the comparrision test of the Rotel 1055 and the european version of the 45 [2011]. The Rotel and Elite absolutely kill the others reviewed.

I can return the rf-25, should I do that and start over, and if so what direction do I go in with a new set of front speakers, and what receiver. Speaker budget $800.
, and receiver budget 500-750
thanks again for the info.


If you like the rf-25's, then keep them. I think you are getting the wrong impression here. We are not saying that they are bad speakers, rather that they have a very distinct sound and need to be paired with the right receiver in order to get the best sound. Check out the websites of some of the makers we have listed, and go audtion some. See what you like. Is there a certain receiver you are wanting to get that we have not listed here as being a good match?

I second what Johnny said. Keep the Klipsch if you like them and get one of the receivers mentioned and you'll be happy.

Hey Johnny,

I am new here my self and I have been out of the "biz" for years.

I have heard a few pairs of them here and there and they are not bad speakers. I do think they are a tad too bright (mainly while playing them loud). I say go with the NAD T742 receiver for $449.

So keep the Klipsch speakers if you bought them because you liked them.

Anyways, best of luck man,

Thank you guys for the advvice, I am probally going to get an elite 43 to pair with my rf-25's. I am alos going to have someone hook it up for me. Thanks for all the help. By the way you guys were very help ful in giving me the info that I was looking for with a receiver.

Al Holland
I have RF35's. Listened to them on Denon and it was definitely bright and thin sounding. Also listened to RF5's on Yamaha and Denon. Denon was less bright than Yamaha.

I am using Sherbourn amp and this set up is very detailed and bass is abundant. It is not the least bit bright.
I always thought Klipsch to be bright but I am coming to realize that your electronics can be a major cause of the brightness.

I think that Pioneer or Rotel receivers would be a good match.

I found this e-mail string very interesting. I have discovered I liked the "bright" sound produced by Klipsch speakers and am thinking about buying some, but it is difficult to know what you have unless they are in your home and hooked you your amp. I have a Fisher X100B tube amp. It it considered "mellow" enough, for matching to a Klipsch speakers?


How does the btightness of Onkyo compare with Denon. Of the many things I am comtemplating, one is pairing an Onkyo with Polks. What do you think?

Al Holland
Alan, last year I was shopping for a new receiver. All of the media reports had me wanting a Denon 4802. One of the local HiFi shops had the 4802 and Integra 8.2 in the same demo room. I istened with Klipsch, M&K,and other speakers. The Denon was definitely brighter but I let the sales person persuade me to buy it. I had Paradigm Monitor 11's and I thought that they would tame the Denon's brightness. They did not. I returned a week later and exchanged for the Integra. About 7 years ago I purchased a Denon 5800. It sounded terrible. Thinking that it was defective I exchanged for another. Same sound. The store did not refund (only exchanges) so I ultimately ended up with a lower end Denon and it sounded much better than the 5800. In my post above (Nov. 12)I was listening to a 2803 I believe. It was not bright with Klipsch but was somewhat underpowered.
I have used my Integra with Polk RTI 28's and this is a great combo.
Integra is basically and Onkyo so I hope that this helps to answer your questions.

Ok. I think I have narrowed my search to either Kliisch RF-35's or Athena AS-F2 speakers. The Fisher amp I mention above is rated at 35-40 watts/channel using 2 pairs of 7868 power tubes.

My worry now is that an audio salesman told me that my tube amp may make the RF-35's sound thin and without much bass is I place them up in my 27' x 20' tiled living room. Any suggestions?

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