NEW Yamaha 2400 vs Denon 3803


I am looking at purchasing a complete surround system for a variety of different functions and was hoping for some feed back from you "experts" out there. I have two zones which I want to be able to multi-source/ multi-zone. DVD in surround (zone1) / CD or tuner in stereo (zone 2). I am torn between the Yamaha 2400 and the Denon 3803. I like the sound of the Denon while watching musical surround DVD's in the showroom over the Yamaha, but how about Home Theatre?

I know the key to the receiver is the speakers, so let me tell you what I am considering. The Denon sounds crisper than the Yamaha while listening to Boston Acoustics BRAVO ($1100)(2fronts/ center/ sub/ 2 rears). However a friend of mine told me to consider Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 80 ($999) speakers which the Yamaha sounds awesome. My prblem is that I am unable to listen to the Denon on the Definitive speakers. Anyone have any comments to help?

For the record I am a Yamaha fan, but that DENON sounds nice!

I own a Yamaha and was very pleased with the sound coming from my Bose AM15 speakers. Then I purchased the RXV2400 about 4 weeks ago. I have to be honest and say that I was very unsatisfied with the RXV2400. AS you say the sound was not as crisp. My old Yamaha sounded much better. I tried and tried to adjust but ended up returning the receiver. Maybe it was the speakers maybe not but I figured if I had any doubts after spending $1000 then it wasn't worth the hassle.

I am now on a serch for a new receiver. One of my choices is the Denon which I hope to test soon.

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From my experience with the 3803 be careful what speakers you pair it with as it is very bright, even brighter than the Yamaha. I do not think a Denon/Def Tech system would be the way to go. Def Tech's are not as bright as some but still do best with a more mellow sounding receiver. A Denon/BA combo would also be very bright IMO and I have owned both at one time or another. Hated the BA's after just a short time. Good luck.

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If you go with DENON i would suggest you look at MISSION speakers. The two go very well. Also paradigms sound very good with DENON. If i were to chose between the two i would take the Denon. I know most people here think DENON sounds too bright, but with the right speaker combo you should have no problems..
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