Anyone Tried Denon 2803?


How are the stereo capabilities? If not, any other surround amps that has good stereo capabilities? NO MARANTZ PLS!


I tried the Denon 3803 which I believe is a 2803 with steroids. I did not like the sound which I thought was too thin and bright. Sure, it has a million functions and DSP modes, but I didn't care for the sound. I recommend NAD T742/752/762 or if you have moolah, the Rotel RSX 1055. The sound capabilities from the NAD/Rotel are awesome (multichannel or stereo). So if you like sound over a million dsp modes go with the NAD or Rotel. That's my two cents.

Are you inclined towards a Denon? I thinks it sounds great in stereo. What is your budget? For $699, the Denon is a good deal on a great receiver.


I did buy a Denon 3803, and have been consistantly disappointed in its stereo capabilities. I have since learned that most AV receivers are far more concerned with the theater sound and have truly sacrificed good stereo capability. After I got my Denon, I had the good fotune to attend a double blind test of four receivers, including the Denon 2803, and the clear winner soundwise, in both stereo and HT applications, was an NAD 742, which I would recommend. You can get one for $449 from Saturday Audio Exchange (

Thereafter, I went on an exhaustive search of AV receivers, and I have heard just about everything priced below $1K. I would strongly recommend the NAD 752 as well as the 742, and which is priced about in the same as the Denon 2803. It has superb stereo capability as well as wonderful theater sound. Available under $700 at most NAD dealers now as they are closing them out for a new model. Highly recommended.

Good luck!

There seems to be a huge difference between the 2803 and 3803.

I have the 2803 and have not noticed a bright or dry sound with it - AND I have Klipsch rf-15's.

How does it compare with other receivers? Really couldn't say.

Hawk had the good fortune attend a double blind test. Most comparisons are flawed.

You really need to be able to listen to all the receivers/speaker combinations in a room approximately the same size - with windows and the same amount of furniture with the same type of flooring (wood/carpet etc) to be able to approximate what it would sound like in your home.

As well you really need to listen the speaker hooked up directly, not through some switch box. Several salesmen admitted that their switch box altered the signal and that the speakers sound different when directly connected.

there was a post on this board by some newbie asking those questions - How can you compare when you are moving beteween stores and each store has a different listening room. And each store does not carry the same lines so head to head comaprisons are not possible.

In one store I had to go into three different rooms to audtion different components. When I asked that they all be hooked up in one room, they refused. I can only surmise that the set ups were optimized and by comparing them side by side I might hear the flaws.

I guess taking home a reciever and different speakers might be one way but that would be expensive time consuming and you would have to find retailers who would do it.

All this to say I am very pleased with my 2803. I did have a 1404 that I switched out in under a week.
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