New H/K Receivers


Blatantly stolen from another forum :) Judging from the MSRP/features it looks like they're replacements for the current AVR325 and AVR525 receivers, should see their prices dropping soon.

AVR 630
- Quadruple bass crossover manager, allows selection of different crossovers for the front L/R, center, surround L/R, and surround back L/R.
- A/V sync delay
- RS-232 firmware upgradability
- Ez-Set remote with two-line LCD display
- Dolby headphone support
- tuner upgrade slot for HD radio
- DTS 96/24
- 90W x2, 75W x 7, Dolby Virtual, BOTH DSP and firmware upgradeable, triple audio DSP dual 24 bit plus 32 bit post processor.
Price is $1099, delivery late October.

AVR 430
80W x 2, 65W x 7, similar features of AVR 630 but less power NO HDCD, front jacks AV and Digital are IN only.
Price is $ 899, delivery mid October.

Just found some info on the AVR230 as well...

Stereo Mode: 65 Watts x 2 @ 8 Ohms (20Hz -20kHz, <0.07% THD, both channels driven)
Surround Modes: 50 Watts x 6 @ 8 Ohms (20Hz- 20kHz, <0.07% THD, all channels driven)
Dolby Digital 5.1/EX6.1, Pro Logic II-Emulation/Movie/Music, Dolby 3 Stereo
DTS 5.1/ES - M6.1/D6.1, DTS Neo:6 -- Cinema 5.1/6.1 & Music 5.1/6.1
Logic 7 C 5.1/7.1 & M 5.1/7.1, VMAx N & F, Hall 1, 2 and Theater 5.1/6.1
Triple Crossover System
AKM 192kHz 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converters
6/8 Channel Direct Inputs
7.1 Channel Pre-Outputs
6 Digital Inputs, 3 Coax & 3 Optical
Front Panel Digital Inputs (Coax 3 and Optical 3)
Front Panel Video 4 Inputs (S-Video, Composite Video & Audio L/R)
2 Digital Outputs (Coax and Optical)
Component Video; 2 Inputs & 1 Output, 30 MHz
S-Video Inputs & Outputs (5 Inputs & 3 Outputs)
On Screen Display - S-Video & Composite
Discrete Amplifier Circuitry with High Current Capability and Wide Bandwidth
Dual Power Supplies(x 2 Secondary)
Preprogrammed, A/V Remote Control

Smitty, did you ever buy your receiver?

The new HK feature set looks very good.

has anyone found any info on the avr-130?i was gonna buy the hk 125 but now i found this site and want the replacment.

GT, No I never did buy one. For some bizarre reason HK (& Denon) are extremely expensive in Canada compared to most other brands. I would have gone for an AVR325 if I could get one here at a decent price (i.e. somewhere around C$900), about the best I could do was an AVR325Z for C$975+15%tax(~US$800)... I never did hear back from HK Canada ( on refurbs. I chickend out on ordering one from the States.

About the best receiver, in my opinion, for C$900 is a NAD T742 but it's a bit too light on features...5.1 is all I'm interested in now but I'd like to have the possibility of expanding to 6.1/7.1.

However, now that the new HK & NAD lines are coming out I'm hoping to pick up either an HK AVR325 or NAD T752 if I can get a good price on one of them. Although...the new HK AVR230 will probably also be priced around C$900 here. It seems to be a replacement for the AVR225 but with a lot of missing features added (pre-amp outs, bass mgmt. 6.1 support). It's hard to tell at this point whether the AVR230 would be a better purchace than the AVR325.




Did you check out on the Outlaw 1050 AV Receiver. They ship to Canada right?


Check this note. This is a dealer in Canada. And you have Futureshops in Ontario, right? The 325 is $816CAD and 525 $962CAD

Found this on another forum...
Here is a link to a Canadian company out of Medicine Hat, AB. Now if you print off the price of the Harmon-Kardon and bring it to Futureshop, they will pricematch it. This will ensure you that you will have the warranty!My friend did this with the 325...
BTW the price of the AVR-125 is $423 Can$

Anonymous, yes the Outlaw 1050 would come in around C$900, and they do ship to Canada. However, the lack of DPLII (I watch a lot of satellite programming) and the recent problems that are cropping up with some of the newer DD-EX encoded CDs (particulary if you don't have a 6th speaker) have turned me off. It sounds like a quality receiver but I believe it's beginning to show it's age.

GT, thanks for the tip...I'll check into that site. The 325 is C$1500 at a local Future Shop, I'd sure like to see them price match it down to C$816. I'm checking in to whether they are HK authorized or not, I presume your friend lives in Canada? Of course now that the new HK line will be out in another month, it's awful tempting to just wait and see what they have to offer...

No, I don't know anybody that lives in Canada, although my visits to B.C. and Ontario were very enjoyable in the past. Just saw it on another forum and cut and pasted it here. What the hell, print it out and see if Future Shop will match it. If the new line is coming out soon, they might be willing to deal.

Don't count on those new units being out as soon as October. I think that you and HK may be a little optimistic. They do look good though.

GT, I talked to another retailer and he told me C$818 was below his cost from the Canadian H/K distributor.

I asked superstore-electronics about the warranty issue and they replied:
"The warranty for the Harmon Kardon is a US warranty. I appologize for this,
but we would honor ANY challanges you have with the system for the first
year with either a repair or replacement through our comapny."'s effectively a 1 year warranty...I'll have to mull it over but at C$818 it sounds like the best option for me.


Well, at $818 you could almost buy a 2nd 325 vs the normal cost. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Just make sure you get that statement in writing.

Let us know what you decide.

Check out for H/K and all electronics products. Best deals I've found any where. Average $200 - $300 cheaper than Futureshop. Even bigger savings for higher end stuff. Add item to Cart and use Canadian checkout to get Cdn $ price. You can do "checkout" without paying to get totals including shipping and taxes. Guarenteed prices. Including s/h and taxes you will save big $$$$ over Futureshop.

Anon, thanks but I ended up buying a NAD T742 locally (on sale for C$650) and couldn't be happier.

You might want to have a look at for a listing of other US etailers that have the 'Canadian checkout'.

Paul T
Smitty, how many and what speakers are you driving the T742 with?? I am very interested for I am trying to decide which receiver I want to drive my new Paradigm Studio 20v3's, looking to replace my 10 yr old Yamaha with probably the NADA T742 or T752, or if I hold out long enough I may end up getting the T743 or T753.


One thing I love about this board is how many good links other people find and post here for everyone else's information and use. Thanks for posting that one for borderfree. I think many people will find it very useful.

I am also thrilled that you are happy with your new receiver. Enjoy!

Paul T.,

I'm just running three font speakers at the moment, older model Acoustic Research...have a look at my review here for more details:
T742 Review
I've heard several people on this board comment on how good the NAD/Paradigm combination is though.


I agree, I've found this board incredibly informative not to mention the politeness and respect posters have for each other. It's a pity I didn't format the link command correctly for borderfree though...this one should work with a single click! Borderfree

I certainly am enjoying my NAD T742, the other night I was listening to an older Rolling Stones CD and I was very impressed with how good it sounded with the volume set low [The wife & kids had gone off to bed <span class="ib sp happy"></span>]. Even at +35db or so the sound was very clear and enjoyable to listen to. Of course at louder volumes you get that unmatched appreciation of raw power similar to the feeling of being in a high-powerered motor boat when the engine's opened up...
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