Nad T762: Multi-Channel Power Question...


Hawk and other Nad accolytes,
I've been enjoying the pristine sound of my new T762 for about a week now but didn't get a chance to really crank it up until this weekend.

In multi-channel mode, I was rather surprised to see that I could turn the volume all the way up to it's 6db limit, and while certainly loud, it was a comfortable loud...not the earsplitting volume I would have expected from this powerful receiver. I can't help but think I've either set it up improperly or the amp is bad.

Conversely, in two-channel, -3db was all my ears could reasonably take. I've checked all my connections and believe everything is in phase. In the OSD, I've tried raising the channel levels to the max. settings, but this only makes it slightly louder. I'm driving 8ohm B&W 602s (front) and 601s (rear) which shouldn't be a problem.

Any idea what's going on here?

I have noticed that also on my T752. The volume between -60db and -30db is pretty useless... If you compare this to other brand's volume control knob, the knob should have been more than a half way over to listen modest level of loudness but still it does not seem to be that loud... I guess it must be another unique NAD's design features....:-)

That's exactly right. In stereo, you can hear faint sound at -60db, but in multi-channel not until you enter the -30db's. I don't know that I could comfortably watch a movie any higher than the Nad's 1 or 2db level, but it troubles me that the top of scale is actually listenable.
I called my dealer today and he said 6db in multi mode should be "blowing my brains out" and said I should bring it in for a look over if it isn't.
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