Rear speakers from stereo/ front speakers from tv???


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Hey, I'm hooking up a Home Stereo Receiver AMP to have rear speakers for my cable/dvd setup but at the same time would like to keep the front tv speakers also active. whats the best way to do this, only have 2 speakers for rear and don't want to not have any front speakers. I would like to use my tv front speakers and rear speakers hooked up to Home Stereo Receiver AMP .

would I need to get and use rca dongle so i could take my audio out from cable/dvd go into stereo then back out to tv>?

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There is no function on an HT receiver to set a constant gain ((volume) level which would be raised and lowered by the TV's output. Without that it really doesn't benefit you to attempt your plan. Secondly, there are no shared processing modes to utilize, say, Dolby Digital both at the TV and at the receiver. The receiver must see the full 5.1 signal to differentiate which signal goes where. You would need an external processor which could feed discrete signals to each component. Lacking that, your plan is, once again, not feasible.

Additionally, the best set up for a HT system is; first, one that can utilize the full dynamic range and frequency response of any source. Second, one in which each speaker has at least a passing reference to the sound quality of all other speakers in the system. The first requirement is certainly let down by the cheesy quality of any TV speaker. No manufacturer I am aware of builds a "TV" with anything but cheap speakers - no matter what their sales literature leads you to believe - which have not much more dynamic range or frequency extension than your average table radio. Expecting those speakers to deliver a full range, fully dynamic sound quality is about the same as expecting a SMART car to tow your yacht - uphill. Even if the speakers in the "TV" were capable of better than average sound, even the least expensive HT system would easily be the better sounding component which would have nothing in common with the TV speakers. The shift in locations to and from the TV speakers would be quite evident and quickly would be come, I would say, obnoxious in its distraction away from the content of whatever you're watching.

If you're trying this due to budget constraints, buy two good front speakers first and set the system up as a (two channel) stereo only playback in the HT receiver's menu. Then, when funds allow, add the aditional speakers until you arrive at a full 5.1 system. If you're doing this because you just really, really like the sound of your TV's speakers, just switch the TV speakers on and off using the TV's set up menu. When the TV speakers are on, don't use any other speakers for the reasons mentioned above.


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TV speakers are AWFUL. Like clock radio awful.

My current TV speakers are junk. The old Sony SXRD which was a RPTV had poor speakers, which bad as they were, still handily outdo the new ones...

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in my old jvc 62" Projection tv it had a built in 8" down firing subwoofer and 6.5" coaxial speakers and was definitely above average but stil not up to par.

If you really are set on pulling this off, and your receiver has pre outs you could run the rears off the amp and feed the pre outs to the tv. but as stated above... I would recomend hitting up your locall sally ann or just running 2 speakers

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Again, you could also use your tv's rca outputs (assuming its variable) but why bother? what will you gain?

Find some cheap used speakers and run them in 4 channel stereo for now, you may find its all you ever need, if tv speakers will suffice for you, 4 real speakers should blow u away
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