Hawk or someone else who knows their Sh!t , Please help me on a speaker question


Say What?!?
I have Polk Audio RT1000i's as front channels. Dont know if you are familiar with them, but they have a sub built into the bottom of the tower with their own powered amp mounted in each tower.

There are two ways of running these. The way I am currently running them, there are basically 2 sets of terminals with bridge plates between the 2 pos and the 2 neg. so the speaker wire running that channel gives the sub amp its signal.

The alternative, is an rca pre-amp input going into the towers amp just like your basic sub, and still running the mids and highs of the tower off the speaker wire. Either way I have cross-over and gain control of the sub on the box.

With my new H/K 525 (that I picked up NIB for $400 btw :) ) has adjustable crossovers for all channels, which I didnt have before, so I dont know what would be best. I cant help but think the crossover may be cutting out some of the tower subs performance. The reciever wont let me overlap the crossovers, If they are both at 100hz, and I move the fronts to 80hz the sub moves to 80 as well.

Also, if I do use the pre-amp method, would I go off my pre-amp out for that particular channel, or split my recievers sub channel? Not sure if I can run one channel, R front for instance, from the pre-amp, and post amp positions.

Any help or insight on this subject would be very appreciated.

Say What?!?
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