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Hello Hawk, I read in one of the posts here and you said that the Yamaha RX-V730 is weak. I fact i do believe you on that one, but here is my question. Why did you neglect to state that the Sound and Vision editor's gave it a great review and it was one of the of the Sound and Vision's top five receivers to get as of April 15, 2003?
Is it just me or some people are biased?! Remember I have no intention to make you or anybody else mad on this website.

I read the Yamaha review--David Ranada ( a respected audio engineer)said it was a fine receiver, better than most at its mid-range price point. Good remote and performed well in 6.1. etc.

Of course it has a couple of downsides that would nix the receiver from any consideration for me. It has no bass management. As I listen to SACD and DVD-Audio that is totally unacceptable to me. And for the occassional loud passges that occur during playback this receiver may give some problems--has a weak power supply. Listed as 75 watts per channel, but actually clips at 38 watts per channel with 5 channels driven and 27.5 watts per channel into 6 channels. Not impressive at all--although adequate for most in a small to medium room with very efficient 8 ohm speakers. I wish Yamaha spent more on providing bass management and a better power supply and less on all the DPS's I rarely or never use.

As I believe that almost all receivers sound the same when they operate in their power confines -- one should buy a receiver based on the features, remote, quality of build (reliability), quality of power supply (although on most 8 ohm speakers that won't have any real effect), and looks.

For people with very efficient 8 ohm speakers and whose speaker set-uo costs less than $1200--this receiver might well be an excellent choice. It just wouldn't be one for me.
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