NAD owners: Anyone upgrade to v1.22 software?


Currently have T762 with v1.20 software. Works great but have the same pause with cd when track begins. Has anyone upgraded to the new software and, if so, what were your results? Want to know if it is worth upgrading and risking "new bugs" or just deal with pause because rest of unit is fine.

Questions; Are you using a DVD player for listening to CDs? Optical or analog hookup to NAD receiver?? When you say pause, do you mean you miss part of the musical track when it pauses??

The v1.22 will not fix the delay when playing CD's on the DVD.

I have it and have talked about this on other threads.

If the delay bothers you then play CD's on a dedicated CD player via an analog iput. My understanding is that this is not a NAD issue but rather an issue with most, if not all, DVD's playing CD's.


I have a dedicated cd player connected by digital optical cable. The unit has a slight delay prior to playing cd tracks that start immediately. The unit also emmitts an audible digital pop when changing channels with directv box also connected by digital optical cable. Want to know if upgrade will solve these problems or just leave it alone before getting upgrade and potentially creating new problems like ones listed on other threads. Need advice.


This is a NAD issue. Going to a dedicated CD player will not solve your problems unless you have analog connections. And trust me you will experience some very loud noise when you switch surround modes. In fact, I will warn you to lower your volume anytime you do so. What other USD1200 receivers skip the first track when playing a CD? What other receivers demand that a dedicated CD player be used with an analog connection to work around an irritating bug. A bug that may force owners like PAO and me (I have a T 762)to purchase a dedicated CD player and still be uable to use the superior DAC found in the receiver because we are forced to use analog interconnects?

John A.
There is another current thread on this issue:

Hold, on there. The receiver does not skip the first track on a CD. What seems to be happening is that when receiving a digital input, the receiver remembers the surround mode you last selected on that channel. If the new disc does not have that (for example if you play a CD following a DVD), and you do not change modes manually, then it takes perhaps up to a second for the receiver to detect the new source format and to switch modes to one required by the new disc.

So, if you want automatic detection and instant play, it is possible for the new disc to commence playing before the surround mode switch has completed its job. Perhaps the designers thought normal people put the CD in first, let the track info come up on the display, and then choose "play", or select a track. You could also select surround modes manually, it is not difficult. If you know you next want stereo, just press the button "Surround Mode" until "Stereo" appears on the display.

It really is not such a big problem, once you know what to do.

If it really is a big problem for anyone, certainly they should be told, and be advised not to get an NAD receiver. And of course it is very disappointing to find something that you can't live with on a brand new unit.

John A,

I am with you on this one. I just purchased a T762 and got it hooked up this weekend (I will post my results on a different forum shortly). I played around with the receiver all weekend and found no problems at all. Granted, I have only had it for 3 days, but problems. I heard NO, I repeat NO popping sound when changing listening modes as others have stated, and if there was any sort of delay when playing a CD from a DVD player, then it was way to short for me to notice. All I did notice was great sound. I am just wondering what sort of standards some of these people have? Is a less than one second delay worth giving up this great receiver for? I certainly hope not. If so, then these folks need to spend a lot more than what the NAD T762 costs. This receiver simply is the best sounding receiver in its price range hands down. I sincerly hope that no one who reads this forum is put off by the constant negative remarks on this receiver. I understand that there are a few people that have had problems with the unit, and they should rightly be PO'd about it. But to totally da*n an awesome receiver just because of a few negative comments is idiotic. Every receiver has problems. I had a Sony receiver once that totally crapped out after only a month of use, yet no one seems to be saying anything about Sony receivers. For some reason the NAD users are much more vocal about the problems than the other brands. If you want an awesome sounding receiver that won't cost you an arm and a leg...then get the T762 or its new brother, the T763 due out in November. A few of them may have bugs, but for the vast majority of people out there, I can honestly say you definately will not be disappointed.


What seems to be happening is that when receiving a digital input, the receiver remembers the surround mode you last selected on that channel.

If this is the problem you're experiencing you might want to try connecting both a digitial coax (say to CD input) and digital optical connecter (to DVD input) to your receiver from your CD/DVD player. I haven't tried this myself but can't see why it wouldn't work.

John A.

I agree completely. My NAD receiver is a few years old, pre-T752. So I can vouch for its reliability, as well as the outstanding sound.


If you have a brand new unit you might like to try your own suggestion. I use analogue connection for CD, optical for DVD (both from the same T532 DVD-player), and digital co-ax from a Nokia satellite receiver. My T532 player is newer than the receiver. Though which way I connect really makes no difference to the sound.

Just wanted to update everyone on new developement. I've been blaming the NAD 762 for clicking and popping sounds upon channel changing while watching tv with an rca satellite receiver. Last night went out and bought new sat. receiver and the problem is gone. Just wanted to update because NAD has gotten hit hard on this site and now that my problem has been corrected, I have to say the NAD 762 sounds unbelievable. Both in 2 channel stereo and home theatre. I would highly recommend it and encourage others who have had problems, maybe look to other sources of the problem. Could be that the NAD is a very sensitive unit that picks up idiosynchrosis that other receivers don't.

John A.

Good. Thanks. "Could be that the NAD is a very sensitive unit that picks up idiosynchrosis that other receivers don't." I have some evidence for that on this thread

NAD receiver hum: cause and cure
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