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Okay, I have been reading and researching a lot on the web and want to get anyone's suggestions for a receiver. I am stationed overseas and do not have the chance to listen or try out receives so any and all suggestions are appreciated. In February I had a chance to come back to the states and did some looking around for a new receiver. After a good bit of research and listening I thought I wanted the Denon 3803 receiver. I can get this receive on line for about $900 shipped. I believe the Denon is a mid to high class receiver/amplifier combo. However reading through some of these post on this forum it appears a lot of people are discouraging Denon and Klipsch combinations. My setup up is the complete line up of RF-3, main, center, and surrounds (Kenwood sub; will be upgraded to and RSW-10 once I can afford it). Right now I'm using a very reliable but low end JVC receiver and it's time to upgrade.

I do not have a brand bias; BUT never really thought of Pioneer as a great receiver. Now from what I have been reading on the web is that the Elite series is a very good line and depending on who you ask surpasses some of the other lines (eg... Denon, Yamaha, H&K etc...). So with that said if the Elite is what I need and can afford then that's what I'll get. Listed below is a list of would likes / already haves and would appreciate your suggestions for a good receiver.

Price: No more than 900US shipped.
Listening: Daily cable, variety of movies, large variety of music (from country to R&B)
Speakers: Klipsch RF3's, Main, rear, and center (Kenwood sub; will be upgraded to and RSW-10 someday)
Room: All concrete house, living room (20X26) with vaulted ceilings
Features: DTS-ES, low THD in both stereo & surround, plenty of inputs, component in/out, (I like the Denon up conversions but not necessary), Remote does not matter as I have a very nice HTM, Would like addressable inputs (eg.. game sys, VCR1 etc...), AM/FM tuner, 2 Room output (eg.. inside and outside speakers not at the same time), OSD, THX doesn't matter (while I'm on this what does the THX certification really mean?), front connections would be nice,

I know I made my list long, but it seems like people who leave detailed info get more feedback.

Thanks for any suggestions

Mike J

What Elite models were you looking at?The 55TXi would be a good choice, it would go very well with the Klipches because of its "warm" sound. It has dts-ES and Dolby Digital-EX, and the power for the medium sized room. Has component video connections and Multi-Room capability. Sounds perfect am I right?

Thanks for the suggestion. G.DawG

Yes the Pioneer 55TXI appears to be a fine receiver in dead; BUT the base price starts at about a 1,000 plus shipping. That would put me 200 over budget. If this is the optimum receiver for my setup up then maybe I can save for a couple of more months... However the 53TX would fit in the budget nicely, maybe even a little under budget. But is this receiver as good as the 55TXI?

Thank You,

Mike J

Oh sorry! I was thinking the 55TXi was around that range, perhaps I was wrong.
I own the 43TX, and its almost exactly the same as the 53TX, and cant say enough good things about it. The 53TX or the 45TX would be a great match, unfortunatly the 45 is VERY hard to find. I would recomend the 53TX defintely. The only thing that the 55TXi has the 53 doesnt is the i-link. Can you see yourself using it? If not, get the 53 if so, save up and get the 55. Either way you cannot go wrong.

Also, for 948us you could get the 7200. That would be pushing the bill a little, but it retails at 2000$ Is it worth it? You decide. It has the warm sound for the Klipches and has HUGE power.

Yes, even the HK 7200 looks sweet. But as you said that's 948 without shipping, which is once again pushing the limit. The Elite 53TX is selling pretty cheap (~650)... actually it almost seems too cheap. Does anyone know of any problems with the 53TX? Now it appears to me that usually you can get a receiver from the bargain basement internet stores for about ¾ the MSRP, but the 53TX is selling for about half: what gives?

G.DawG... You seem to be on the bandwagon with some other post that I've seen about not mixing the Denon with Klipsch. If you don't mind my asking do you just not like Denon or do you believe that it would not be a good mix with my speakers? I'm just asking because the more looking around I do the more good stuff I find on the 3803... Do you know if 53TX or 3803 has a "nice" feather that the other is missing?

Thanks for the input

Mike J

The Denon is not a bad product, but it would be too "dry" and bright for the Klipches.

The 7200 has FREE SHIPPING by the way. I know it would be puching the bill, but it was only a suggestion. As you said in your first post "If this is the optimum receiver for my setup up then maybe I can save for a couple of more months..." That would be the optimum choice, but the 53TX is still a very fine product.

I think if it fits the bill go for it, but make sure you can try it out in home for a while. Is there anyplace localy that has the Elite lineup?

The only gripe I have agianst the 43 is the sad remote. Other than that there is nothing I would want to change.


I agree with G.DawG here--the Denon is probably too dry and bright to match with the Klipsch speakers.

I would also agree that the H/K 7200 is a great choice for those speakers. I would also recommend the Marantz 7300 for the Klipsch speaker system. Can be had for $679.99 from Being based in Miami, I suspect they will ship to you overseas.

Good luck!

Hawk... or anyone else

What is your take on the Elites. The 53tx is right in my price range also; and how would you compare it (the 53tx) with either the H/K or the Marantz.


Mike J

Not to mix it up too much but I've been reading a lot of good stuff about the NAD 762 also. Does this receiver flow with the Klipsch speakers? How does it compare to the H&K 7200?

G.DawG... As I'm stationed overseas there is no possibility to "try" out a receiver unless I make it back to the states or know a friend that has that model. Being that S&H runs around $100, I cannot afford to have one shipped then returned to try out. Thanks for your input and suggestions. BTW what is your take on the NAD? Have you had the opportunity to try out the Marantz that Hawk is referring to?


Mike J


I have not heard the new 53tx. I was just in my local dealer and he is still clearing out the 4x models. However, I have recommended the 4x Elites before for the Klipsch (provided it isn't a 41tx, which I don't think has the same quality as the higher Elites) and I don't think the 5x series is likely to be very different. So, it is worth investigating.

I have a NAD power amp, but have never heard one of their receivers. My local dealer does not carry the NAD models, so I have not had a chance to listen to them, sorry, but from what I have heard on this forum they are great.

The Marantz are awsome receivers, and would be great for your speakers. Where did you get the Klipches? Maybe you can get a receiver there? The 7300 has the same remote as the Kenwood VR-6070, and thats an awsome remote.

I might be able to make you a deal on the NAD 216TX amp I got. That way you could use the front channel pre-outs for your stereo music, and still have great HT(from the Denon). You would have the sound of NAD for your music and still have the features of the Denon.

Mike---Since the Pioneer Elite 53tx is about $100 cheaper than the Denon 3803 I would lean at the Elite. But who knows, Hawk may want to sell you his Denon 3803 at a deal that is too good to resist:-)

The Elite is THX certified while the Denon 3803 is not--although I don't think that distinction is terribly meaningful as Denon has a lot of experience in this field and probably refused to pony up the THX fee for this receiver.

The Elite 53tx has MCAAC speaker calibration. That is a very meaningful distinction--probably the most meaningful one between the two receivers. It enables the Elite 53tx to equalize automatically the frequency response in your room giving you a much flatter response from your speakers. It also balances the speakers to the point where you put the microphone for the MCAAC--so it adjusts the frequencies to that spot, the delay to that spot, the room acoustics to that spot, and balances the individual 5.1 speakers in loudness to that spot (all these issues are very critical to get the most out of your system). Obviously, you could go to Radio Shack and by a $40 SPL meter and do most of these adjustments by yourself. But the Elite does it with little to no effort.

The Denon has a SHARC processor for surround processing is excellent, but there is nothing wrong with the Elite Motorola processor. Both receivers have Burr-Brown DAC's. The Elite has Dolby Digital EX--and as far as I know, the Denon does not.

I am not familiar with either systems remotes. Unless you already own an excellent universal remote--such as the Pronto--this is fairly important. So you either need feedback from people on each receivers remotes, or you need hands -on experience with both remotes.

As far as looks are concerned--I love the way all Elite's look. That black laquer-like look is luxuriously beautiful. The Denon is nice, but much more straight-forward. The Pioneer will leave more finger prints on it though. Of course, on my 49txi I almost never touch the receiver--I do everything from the remote. The 49txi remote is totally different from the 53tx remote so I can't comment.

I don't think you will go wrong with either receiver, but if I had the same financial and other situational choices as you, I would get the Elite 53tx,unless I could get a used and MINT CONDITION Denon 3803 for around $500.

is anyone out there that have any reviews about the harman kardon avr 5550 and speakers brands (sonique) model sonique SAV-4SE???/
thank you \
please write to

Well after some more web surfing it appears to me that the
Denon 3803 -- No good with Klipsch
Nad 762 -- Great receiver but seems to have many software bugs
Elite 53 -- Maybe a good match (remote no concern as I have a HTM 500)
H&K 7200 -- Good receiver a little pricey
Marantz -- Similar to the Denon, missing a lot of features

So right now my take is that if I can afford it the H&K 7200 it would be the best choice. With the Nad and its bugs and the Elite 53 a close second. My concern with the Nad is that for any warranty work or upgrades I would have to pay for the lengthy shipping process. What about the H&K 525 at around ~$650.

Its time likes these that I wish I lived in the states. I really wish I could bring home a receiver or two and test them out on my speakers in my home setting.

G.DawG--I was very lucky to have gotten the Klipsch speakers at a close out sale in the local BX. From what the manger was telling me was that the BX ran by Army Air force Exchange Services (AAFES / our only store on base) was getting out of the high end audio. The one high end receiver that the BX offers is the Yamaha AZ-1 (I think), but that's at 1.5k, way out of my league and I don't care for Yamay at all.

Thanks a lot for your insight....

Mike J


Given your distance and the speakers you have, I think the H/K 525 would be a great choice. I have often recommended this receiver with Klipsch speakers (and recommended Klipsch to people who have the 525).

Good luck!


I too am considering Klipsch speakers for surround 6.1 (85% music 15% movies) here's what I was planning:
RS-25 FT & BK surrounds
RC-25 FT & BK Centers
RSW 10 or 12 sub.
(w/all Monster connections/wires)

The Klipsch will replace the Bose AM 16's I got suckered into for being new to home theater sound systems. I also purchased an HK DPR1001 (total digital path) receiver and HK DVD 101 (for both music and movies). I was looking at the HK 7200 as well but got sold on DPR 1001 true digital path sales pitch.

Do you know anything about the DPR 1001 and whether it will be a good match for the Klipsch?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry Kimba. I have not heard the DPR 1001. My local dealer won't carry it as he has told me it isn't a good value. I do not pretend to tell you that you have made a mistake, I can only report what I know or have been told.

If you can return your DPR for a 7200, I would do it. The 7200 is one of the really impressive receivers out there and I recently saw its price drop to just under $1K, which makes it a very good buy. It is also a very good match for the Klipsch speakers. I wouldn't know about the DPR 1001.


Great thanks for the honest opin. I got it from Fry's outpost so I'm sure returns will be honored within 30-days. Hopefully I'll have my Klipsch's in hand before then and will be able to run them through the DPR 1001 to check it out.

Otherwise, I like the both the HK 525 & HK 7200 and will probably switch it out to the 7200 if I can find it under $1K.



Last time I looked, the 7200 was available for something like $976 at One Call (, who is an authorized dealer.

Good luck!
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