NAD 762 Setup menu/OSD won't work ##$$$%@%#!


I just received my new NAD 762 from Saturday Audio...I hooked everything up and can play CDs, listen to radio etc...but I can't get the setup menu to come up. The manual says to push a navigation key and enter...and the OSD should come up on my monitor. I have a TV connected using composite monitor out (per manual). What am I doing wrong..?

Is it possible you have to change the video input source on your TV?

OSD is not compatible with composite connection per the manual.

No, the OSD is compatible with composite but not with the *component* connections. Check your manual again.

Check your video input. On my sony tv there are 7 video inputs and the onscreen display only works on "video 4". Don't know why but that is the case.

matthew dow
Anon - this happened to me too. If I remember right, I had to press either the Amp or the Tuner button on the remote first, then press the navigation key and Enter.

I am connected via svideo, and I think you have to use that or composite.


The others that have posted are correct. I have a 762, and they are right on. The OSD comes via either the svideo or composite "monitor out" ouput on the back of the receiver. It WILL NOT come through via the component output. Since your remote will control other devices, make sure the "amp" device is selected, as to make the remote control the receiver. Then, make sure that your tv is on the proper input (like Pete said, if you have the svideo or composite "monitor out" of the receiver hooked into the "Video 2" input on your tv, then make sure you have your tv set to "Video 2". Once you do all of this, the OSD should come on when you press any of the four navigation keys or the enter key.
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