New Denon AVR-1803 Vs Onkyo TX-SR600?


I had almost finalized to buy Onkyo TX-SR600...but yesterday, I have come to know that Denon has released a model (or may be, only on yesterday, has announced about it)
Denon AVR-1803. The 1802 model did not have DTS-ES and Dolby Digital ES....but 1803 has. Hence, Price is also same as Onkyo TX-SR600 for $499. I think Denon is in the first place than Onkyo.

Browse for more deatils.

Please let me know which would be better.

Welcome to the club! I'm in the same situation as I can't make up my mind over the two receivers; Onkyo TX-SR600 and Denon AVR-1803.

Here's what I do know. The TX-SR600 has two Front L/R Digital to Analog Converters at 192kHz/24-bit were the Denon only has 96kHz/24-bit DACs for the front and left. This makes for audio better resolution in stereo mode. Also, I was told by a salesman that the TX-SR600 actually has composite to S-video conversion - even though the specs. say otherwise.

As for the Denon AVR-1803, it's a sleek looking machine. It has a PHONO input were the Onkyo does not. And I believe it has more inputs/outputs over the Onkyo.

My gut tells me the Onkyo is the better of the two, but if so, only marginally.

Don't forget an option: the new Integra DTR-5.3. It's essentially an Onkyo TX-SR600 with a bit more features for about the same price.

Check the website:

After a conflict on either buying the Onkyo TX-SR600 vs Denon AVR-1803, i finally settled for the Denon. It is simply superb. Though i know Onkyo's are good receivers, Denon came with in my price bracket and with a little extra power on each channel. Thanks to the Good Guy's Rep Don Rocci at stevens Creek Sanjose, who gave a very clear explanation. Also i got the Denon at a very good deal. I bought the Bose AM 6 speakers which gives that extra effect and life like music. Over all i'm very pleased with the Denon AVR-1803.

Hi Sudhakar Venkatessh,

Congratulations to you and to myself..... I had made exactly the same deal on 10/14/2002 as you did. I had bought Bose AM 6 II Series Speakers for $400 on sale and Denon AVR-1803 for $449 after $50 coupon. I have got another $33 back from Hifibuys as part of price gurantee program. I'm 200% pleased with the whole set.

Hi Sudhakar,

I just have one question....

...Were you able to find out right impedance matching (12 to 16 Ohms) Speakers for Surround Back Speakers ( to connect a pair of speakers?

Though, I have heard convincing responses to connect conventional 8Ohm Speakers, I'm thinking of connecting Resistors to match-up the Ohms. Please let me know what you found.

For both Venkatesh and LaZboy,
Did you notice that when Bose does demo's of their equipment in retail stores..they use Onkyo receivers? I know Venkatesh has heard of Fry's since he lives in the bay area...go out to one and check out the sound rooms.
I bought an Onkyo TX-SR700 about 2-3 months ago. All I have to say is that it is amazing. I too have Bose speakers and the combo of Bose/Onkyo is awesome.
I have bought all the following receivers and brought them HOME to test on my speakers:
Marantz SR7200
Yamaha RX-V1300
and the Onkyo TX-SR700

I bought the need to say more.


I'm looking at new receivers and I'm trying to decide between Onkyo TX-SR700, Integra DTR-5.3, and Marantz 7200. I see that you liked the Onkyo better than the Marantz. What was it about the Onkyo that you liked better? I was considering Marantz because of the higher-end reputation and the reviews say it has a very nice remote control. But I don't think it has Dolby Digital EX or DTS-ES.

Between the Marantz (SR7200) and the Onkyo (TX-SR700), I would go with the Onkyo. I was extrememly dissapointed with this model of Marantz as I too thought they had the higher end reputation. The sound was just flat. It also does not have DD-EX or DTS-ES.
I've had this receiver for over 3 months now and am amazed at the sound from my speakers! My DVD collection when from 40 to 150! =)

Another nod for Onkyo. I just bought the bose Am 10 III and was looking for a both a receiver and a dvd/cd changer. Initially I tried the Dr-c5oo, Onkyo's stylish looking combo package. However I needed some additional features on the receiver (no tone adjustment) so I switched it for the Onkyo sr600 and an Onkyo dvd/cd changer. God what a differance. I get the additional bells and whistles but the sound is just amazing. I'm delighted. One any of you have trouble adjusting the sub with these receivers? Specifically shutting it off?

I have my bose speakers set up this way:
sub is set to off...since mine is a passive subs and my cubes are connected directly to it.
I set my L/R Main to small and my L/R Surrounds to small. I don't think the crossover matters since I set the sub to off. But I have found that this setup reproduces the MAX bass. Hope this helps,

Get Kenwood 6070. It has Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and THX-EX too for $499 at bestbuy. It is the best for this price...with more features than DENON AVR-1803.

I too am looking at both the Onkyo TX- SR600 and the Denon AVR-1803.......Both are fine examples of AV recievers. The onkyo has macro functions on the remote control whereas the Denon does not...This might push me towards the Onkyo...Both sound very similar-Home theatre/Music wise in my opinion..The Denon has 2 Back surround speaker terminals but the Onkyo has only one.. I understand that the rear surround is only output in mono, but is it really necessary for a 2 speaker surround back???? The Onkyo has a "B" set of terminals for additional speakers, the Denon dos'nt. I am going to run additional speakers either through a switch box, or through extra terminals. I would really appreciate some feedback on my thoughts...

I am too looking at both the Denon 1803 and The Onkyo TX-SR600. My initial research indicates that the Onkyo provides a bit more bang for the buck. The features that are pushing me for the Onkyo is the component video switching ... most other units you loose your high definition signal by using this function but not with Onkyo (if I'm mistaken, please let me know). In addition, Onkyo's remote has macros ... however, the Denon remote is very well desgined.

Jungle Theory
Just an FYI. The new Marantz SR7300 does have DD-EX and DTS-ES.

Not to put any of the posters down but, I agree on either the Denon or Onkyo receivers but disagree very strongly about bose speakers. In my opinion as well as others, Bose speakers are junk. They are way overpriced and there are so many other brands for ex: Paradigm, PSB, Athena, that beat the pants off of them and cost less. I suggest you start reading reviews at

Phil Krewer
Hey Anon,

I noticed you mentioned Athena. I'm in market for an inexpensive sub for my daughter and ran accross a place selling the Athena P2 for $180. Anyway I just wanted to get your opinion on whether this would be a good price and a good stand alone sub


Vallabh Nath
I did a survey of price for Denon AVR 1803 the cheapest price is $325+shipping at

I am trying to use the surround rear speaker on my new Denon 1803 in the Dolby Pro logic 2 mode and hear nothing. It works in DTS NEO:6 and 6ch but not in pro logic. The surround rear speaker has been turned on obviously.And is DTS NEO:6 a better way to watch the average rental DVD or is pro-logic the best. Any help would be appreciated.

Check the speaker level while in Pro-Logic II. It may be set to some very low level.

For everyone else...

I own an 1801 and and 1803. The major difference between these receivers and the Onkyo (and Kenwood 60xx, Pioneer etc.) is that the Denon has two complete and independent VCR loops. The Kenwood and Onlyo do not. The Onkyo has wider bandwidth on the Component switcher followed by the Denon then the Kenwood and Pioneers. They are something like 35, 20, 10 MHz and the Onkyo has 192KHz DACs on the front (Stereo) channels. The other two are 96.

If I am in error, correct me but I think I say this info on Crutchfeilds website.

I needed the two VCR loops because I have a JVC S-VHS VCR and an ATI All-in-Wonder 8500 DV - else I would have the Onkyo

I'm also amazed that so many individuals have selected expensive Bose speaker systems . It has to do with the extensive advertising budgets and the high profit rates of the sellers. The customer is the victim...
But of course, as long the customer is happy, why bother?
For old audio freaks, as myself, it remains a pain in the .... knowing that for the amount af many spent on a Bose system, you could have so many better things.

A friend of mine is saying that

Paradigm Monitor 90P's,
centre Paradigm CC370,
surround/rear Paradigm ADP 370's.....

hooked up to a Denon 2803 (has something called a hammerhead????) is a superb sound system for both music and home theatre?

Any comments on these goods. I understand that both are very good products and put higher $$$ stuff to shame?


I just purchased the Onkyo TXSR600 on the website for $299. At that price, the Onkyo is a no-brainer.

You guys are missing the point on the Denon 1803. The Denon 1803 only has 27Mhz for component video switching which is NOT enough for High Definition TV. The Onkyo 600 has 60-100Mhz which is plenty. This, above all other differences, is the #1 reason I choose the Onkyo.

I recently purchased the Denon 1803 and have all my video components except my VCR runnning through the s-video. When I switch to the VCR output I get sound but no picture. I was reading the manual and it says something that implies you have to have all RCA or all s-video you can't mix. Does anyone know if this is true and if not how to fix it?

That's true for the 1803. Some higher-end receivers can convert composite to S-Video or S-Video to Component (interlaced). This isn't one of them. A company called Tributaries makes adapters that will convert RCA connectors (not the quality) to S-Video. also sells a cheaper version. I also hear Radio Shack is about to sell some too..

Hope this helps.

Thanks - that's exactly what I was looking for!

George, wou will either have to run 1 more RCA cable to the TV from the reciever or use the converter Derek talked about. The converter is essentialy a comb filter, separating the color info from the B+W info. Monster makes a pretty good one that is very small but kind of pricey.
for info.

I'm looking at a second system, had bugeted around $3000au (about $2000us) but have come across a denon avr1803 & bose am6II for $1650au (rrp $2800au), I'm thinking I could beef it up with an powered sub & a vcs10 centre with the spare bucks (then use the standard cube centre at the rear for 6.1), any ideas appreciated? (useage tv 50%, cd 25%, dvd 25%)

ps; also considering marantz dv6200 however it's an extra $350au

sorry thats meant to be the marantz sr5300 is $350au more than the denonavr1803

I wonder why everyone keeps wasting their money on overly expensive Bose speakers. These have poor sound quality compared to alot of other speakers. I have gone with the Denon 1803 and Jamo A330.PDD.3 speaker system and it sounds awesome. Now I know alot of you have never heard of Jamo. This is because you have been going to stores and looking at mass produced, over advertised crap. Try going to an audio expert and I bet they have heard of them. Check them out for yourself at

I bought the Denon 1803 and the Jamo A330's as my second system and they sound great. I tested ane Jamo's against the Polk 6700's and the Jamos were much cleaner. Polks sounded very tinny. Total cost of $800. Awesome sound for a reasonable price.

Friar Tuck
I have also got a Denon 1803 and run a set of Jamo's. The sound is awesome and I have yet to hear anything to rivals the sound that I get (considering the cost). The Denon 1803 seems made for them.

Ive come to the conclusion there are no bad choices if you like what you hear. I agree with anyone who thinks the Bose are over priced. I know Jamo sound beter, but thats my opinion. As far as receivers go, Im more inclined to go with Denon over Onkyo. I think sound wise they are very similar, but I just can stand the way Onkyo look. Id pic the Onkyo if it sounded better, but I dont think it does. I plan on upgarding my system to the Denon AVR-3803. I had a Sony receiver hook up to Polk RT55i fronts, Jamo C18 center, and cheap sony rears(upgraded to Polk FXi30). I thought I had a ok setup before I upgrade the rear speakers. I can't wait to hear my new receiver and rear speakers. I haven't committed to a receiver yet. I would apperciate any alternative choices to the 3803 and in its price range. Thanx for all the good info.

Put me down for the Onkyo ! Plus its THX certified. No Bose speakers please. Ive got Mirage speakers. Ive got Pioneer elite receiver also. No Onkyo , but what is ?
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