Yamaha RX-V2400 vs. Marantz SR8200


alright... I've been doing some research and think I've narrowed the 2 receivers down but now I have to decide which one... I'm currently working on upgrading my HT system piece by piece and I know I'm going to hear some slack about the speakers... I'm not sure if they're considered bright or not but I have the BOSE 161; BOSE VCS10; and BOSE 701 Series 1... so with all that said, should I go with the new Yamaha RX-V2400 or spend a little extra cash for the Marantz SR-8200???

I have the Yamaha RX-V2400 with the following "POLK" speakers. Fronts RT800I, Front Presence RTi28, Rear FX500I and the other set of Rear FXi30, Center is CS400I and the Sub is a 12in Klipsh. 1 word, AWESUME!
I just bought the RX-V2400 about 2 weeks ago, Upgraded from the Yamaha RXV795A which was 5.1

You have picked two very different sounding receivers. The Marantz is much mellower and has a larger power supply and IMO a much better unit than the Yamaha. Price wise the Marantz 7300 would be closer to the Yamaha 2400. If you like the more laid back sound of Marantz[which would go better with your Bose] I would suggest you consider the H/K 525 or 7200. There are some very good sales on the H/K's at various sites. The new Elite vsx55 would also be a good choice with your Bose. I think you need to decide how much you are willing to spend and then buy what sounds best to you in that price range. Comparing a $800 unit with a $1500 unit is not a fair comparison.

im needer rx-v2400

I would get the marantz, myself, as I think it is far more musical and accurate sounding. Besides, I have seen it being closed out for under $1K. Very tempting.

You must listen to both of them yourself. The RX-V2400 is great!

I would go for the Yamaha. The Marantz is over rated.
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