Question for NAD 752 owners...............


Does the NAD 752 have a record out selector that will allow you to send one source to the tape output jacks while you listen to another source? I called NAD yesterday and the woman there told me that it did, but for some reason I think that it may not.

From the NAD T752 manual;

Pg 13, point 15 Tape In/Out

"NOTE: The signal present at the TAPE OUT jacks is determined by the source last selected via the front panel Video or Audio Keys.

NOTE: Digital Input signals are not available at the analog TAPE OUT jacks; they are only available at the DIGITAL OUT jacks."


"The analog audio input selected on the (Audio In) line is also routed to the TAPE OUT jacks"

This refers to the input setting on the OSD.

It is my interpretation of these excerpts from the manual that you cannot listen to one source and record another. I may be mistaken, however, I believe you are correct in questioning the accuracy of the answer you received.

I hope this has been helpful.


From my NAD contact.

It is confirmed that you CANNOT listen to one source and record another.

In the past, with NAD stereo receivers, this was possible via of a record selector. It is not available on the current surround sound systems.


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