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I am looking at purchasing a Denon receiver online. I have never purchased an item like this online, so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. I noticed that there are several online dealers that sell receivers for way below MSRP, which could save me hundreds of dollars. However, the online outlets that are "authorized" by Denon all sell for MSRP only. Denon says that their warranty is not valid unless the product is purchased from one of these "authorized" dealers. Any thoughts on this? Recommendations for trustworthy online dealers?

Well purchasing from an authorized dealer is always safer.

Nevertheless, you may want to check out I've purchased from them before and they are reputable. They back all of their products with a warranty of their own. I had to take advantage of this when a speaker I ordered from them needed to replaced. So I know they stand up to their guarrantees.



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Yes, get a factory refurb from an authorized dealer. I have a refurb'ed Denon and it runs very well. You would never know it was anything but a new product as it hasn't had any problem. Refurbs have a lower return rate than new and the savings can be substantial. I highly recommend you check out DakMart ( as their Denon receivers come with a one year factory warranty on their factory refurbs, but everyone else who sells them only has a 90 day warranty from Denon.

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I checked out Uncle Stereo last night...great site. They have the receiver I have been looking for for $150 less than MSRP. So, just to get this straight, according to the Denon website, Uncle Stereo is not one of their "authorized" dealers, but the store offers their own warranty? So in essence, the lack of a factory warranty is no big deal in this case? What does the warranty involve? Does Uncle Stereo pay for shipping for the repairs? Or would they find someone in my area to fix it for me? Thanks for all of your help...I am seriously looking into this dealer to make my purchase.

Checked Denon 1803 for $379. I was looking at the there any difference in these two?

Uncle Stereo has the new Denon 1804 for $389.

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That is what I was looking you know what kind of warranty it has? Apparently the factory warranty won't apply since Uncle Stereo isn't "authorized".
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