Bizarre error message on Sony STR-D790


Have had the 790 for several years without any problems. Actually, the product has performed very well. About six months ago it began to display "DRLC MAIN" in the main display with a small DRLC lighted in the middle-right of the display when you shut down the power. I can here the switch click but the unit stays powered. My CD player is plugged into the switched outlet on the back and also does not power down when the receiver switch is opened....any ideas? I cant find any listing of this error message anywhere and I am stumped!

I have the same error on my sony reciever too as of today march 20,2003. I also have a DVD player plugged into the back. The reciever itself doesn't seem to work at all other than the error message DRLC MAIN. It too will not shut off. Wierd. Any suggestions send to

I have no advice too give, but I guess that you wish you would have bought the extented warranty!

Got the same problem on sony str av 920. Opened case and had a blown fuse. I will replace and let you know if it works.

Have same rcvd but getting different error message. My rcvr displays PROTECTED accross the front display..any ideas?

I just bought a 790 second hand need a users manual. anyone know where I can get one .mine will not play the rear speckers on surrond sound. thanks . Bob

i am having a drlc main message on my str-d790. will not shut off plays at half normal volume. no


What does the message "Unlock" mean when I go to play a DVD?...not in the manual!!


William Glanville
Replaced fuse , blew upon power-up, replacing IC1502 if i can find it locally. Will update

Fern Peabody
I too have had the maddening DRLC light flashing on my STR AV 920. It is sometimes helped by shutting down power for a while or by hitting the unit hard on the side or top. I theorized that it could be a loose wire, but I really know nothing about this.
Thank you, William, for reporting on your efforts.

William Glanville
Your Welcome, I will try to install the circuit this weekend if i have time

DRLC = Dual Room Link Control
just for everyones knowledge :)
a function of older models where you can link 2 rooms together, i havent replaced the fuse yet as i cannot locate it locally, ill post again if i learn anything new

note choice third from bottom
link below

Sony aren't what they used to be in the reliability stakes! They've lost the plot a bit me thinks!

Martin Kay
Did you find a fuse for the str-d790 William? If so, where did you find it and how much was it? Thanks for the help.

Dan Cheak
HeathCliff, I'm also getting the "PROTECTED" message. I read in a Denon manual that it pertains to heat, overload, or crossed speaker wires. None of these apply, as I still get it with all speakers disconnected and it being "cold"! Any luck with yours yet???

ppl the drlc the recev is turning on,turn off your surround...if that dosent work,right inside the reciever behind the power button there is a four wire plug in..pull it then plug it back in while it is on....that has always been my solution

At the begining when I first got the reciever from my friend it was doing that samething. so I went to a dumpster looking for transforms to play with and I found a microwave oven.I took the microwave fanout and put it on the top of my reciever to keep it cool so the switches and capcitors dont over heat. So far that has seemed to work. Just wire it to a regular plug with some electrical caps and some electrical tape and plug it into the back of the reciever.

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