Mustve Got a Bad One


I bought a floor model H k 520 Receiver today at CC. I have been playing with this thing all day and half the night and came to this conclusion:

1. Receiver not working properly
2. I'm an idiot, (pi$$ed off one at that)

Heres the deal.

I am upgrading from on older HK unit. I have had the speakers running for a year now. I KNOW they work. All 5 of em. I cant get the right front speaker working no matter what I do. I have swapped the left for the front and it is not the speaker. I have played with every setting I can possibly hit, but still nothing. I even just hooked up my HK Receiver and CD, nothing else. Still, right front not working.

Bad receiver???? HELP


Yea--sounds like a bad receiver. Take it back.

Yup I would take it back. Hey I know your pissed because I would be too, but do not let that make you not like H/K. That problem is one in a million and you unfortanetly were the one. Yea take it back asap and tell them exactly what you told us.

I took it back and they gave me a AVR 325 for no additional cost. I hope its good. I used to have the old AVR 20 II (Pro Logic only) and it was very nice. Now I have to get up to speed here and figure out how to hook all this up. The simple days are gone. All I have is DVD/ CD combined, VCR and regular cable. I am looking at other threads that talk about the hook ups. What do ya think, good trade off?


HK 325 is a very good unit. Has some added features that the 520 didn't. It's got a little less power but adds bass management and 7 channels of power that the 520 doesn't have. Actually the equivalent new model should have been the 525 but you probably got a good price on the 520 so don't push your luck.

I've got a 325 myself so if you have any setup question just post them. Maybe I can help.

Great deal..I think its a great deal. I have heard from many that the 325 sounds better than the 520..So yes my friend you lucked out this time....
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