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I just got my first nice stereo system, and am looking to add a CDP to complete the set-up.

Speaker: Triangle Celius ESW
Amp: Quicksiler GLA
Preamp: N/A

Currenty, I'm borrowing my friend's Apogee Duet and using it as a DAC via macbook. I've been informed that DAC section of Duet is as good as Benchmark DAC1, if not slightly better. I've only compared Duet's output with a few medicore CDPs from Sony and Denon, but I could clearly tell the superior sound quality of Duet.

If possible, I'd rather have a standalone CDP that is as good as Duet's DAC output. It would be much easier for me to enjoy my music.

My only concern is that I'm only looking to spend about $500-600(used). Maybe, I can stretch as far as $800, considering the fact that Duet would cost me only about $500 New, I'd like to stay in similar price range unless it is clealry better than Duet. I'm willing to spend a bit more for convinience.

More than 90% of my music are CDs, and I just don't want to rip them onto my tiny HD(80GB).

Any suggestions?


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Go to

Type the word "Apollo" into the search field.

Press "GO:" button.


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Michael- LOL... I just found out that Apollo (used) falls into my budget. I thought it would be more expensive.

As I highly doubt that I will find another candidate within my budget, I'll start looking for a deal on Apollo.


I've asked this question in Preamp section, but since it is interrelated, I'll ask the same question here again.

Before I got to read your post, I did found out the Apollo is within my budget, and asked another question on preamp selection.

I've been recommended by many that Adcom gfp 750 (600-650/used) is very hard to beat unless you go up around 2k level.

If I'm buying Rega Apollo, can I expect synergy effect that will surpass adcom 750's performance if I go with Rega Cursa 3 instead of Adcom 750?



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The Adcom GFP 750 is an excellent pre-amp. I'm not an Adcom fan, but then again, its not really an Adcom pre-amp. Its designed by Nelson Pass and built by Adcom, which has respectable fit and finish.

The Cursa 3 will synergize better with an Apollo, for obvious reasons.

I'm not sure how the Adcom will synergize with the Apollo or the Quicksilver. If you get the Adcom used for the right price, you could sell it for what you bought it for if it doesn't work out. The same could also be said for a Cursa 3 too. I think the Adcom would probably sell a bit faster though.

Just food for thought.
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