How to hook up power amp to A/V receiver


If a A/V receiver says it has pre-outs for all channels doesnt it mean that you could hook up say a 5 channel power amp to that receiver for the power? Also, what if the A/V receiver only has 5 channels, but you want to eventually want 6.1?

Q1: Yes.

Q2: You're out of luck on the sixth channel if it only has five pre-outs.

So wouldnt it just be cheaper to buy a lower powered wpc A/V receiver with good sound quality that has pre-outs for all channels and get a seperate amp for the power, versus getting a more expensive preamp, and amp combo?

I agree. Buy a good receiver pay a little extra for some power and forget having to pay a ton for a good power amp, and a good power amp will cost you. Go cheap on that and you won't be happy.

Does anybody have suggestions on a cheap A/V receiver w/6.1 minumum that has pre-outs for all channels so I can skimp on it and go big on the power, like the Outlaw Audio Model 755 amp. I found a H/K AVR 325 for just under $600. Maybe even a Onkyo SR701? Anything cheaper?
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