Hawk or any NAD T742 owners.


When you auditioned the NAD T742 was it in a setup with a subwoofer and some of the speakers set to 'small'? I assume since you were so impressed by it's performance that you were not able to localize the source of bass? I'm just curious if the fixed crossover is set low enough so as not to be localizable, I asked NAD support what the crossover point was and they replied '80-100Hz', I'm not sure what this really means but I'm hoping it's actually 80Hz.

I'm planning on waiting until the T743's come out, which will hopefully have an adjustable crossover setting as well as several nice switching additions over the T742. However...if the T742 is discounted enough it will be temping to purchase one of them instead. Most of the other features I can live without, for the right price, but the fixed crossover could be a problem.


Or wait till the T752's get discounted. The T752's latest versions are gonna be the best bang for the buck IMO when the newer versions start coming out next month.

The T752's have better features compared to the T742's. Features that you are interested in, I meant to say.

Yea...the T752 would be very nice indeed. I know I don't *need* the additional power which is why I was leaning towards the 742/743 so long as the features I want are there and the price is right.

Ideally, I'd like to use my existing stereo cabinet which has a glass door on the front to house the receiver. Do you think the T752 would get too hot in there? The manual says 2" on either side, open on the back and several inches on top for ventilation, which is ok in my cabinet. My speakers are 8ohm, 95 db sensitivity if that makes a difference. My current receiver is an older model HK AVR30 and it never even gets very warm at the levels I listen to.


When I first heard the 742, it was connected to the JMlabs Sib/Cub system, which are very small satellites with an 8" subwoofer, which was set to the right side of me. Now, I do not know what the settings were (large or small), but if they were set to small, I can usually tell when the sub crossover point is set too high as the sound from the subwoofer gets directional (as mid-bass comes from the sub). I did not detect a directional problem at all.

I hope this helps.


That's what I wanted to hear...no pun intended.

Do you have any opinion on whether the extra power of the T752 versus the T742 would be noticable with highly efficient 8ohm speakers?

Incidentially, I asked NAD if there would be an adjustable crossover for the T743 and they replied:

It will have an adjustable subwoofer crossover setting and the range will be 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 Hz.

There is still no firm release date though.

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