Stereo Receiver for Adire Audio KIT281


Hi, I am looking for advice on a stereo receiver for a pair of KIT281's from Adire Audio. And please do note that I actually mean stereo, as in 2 channel, these will be for 100% music. It needs to be 4-ohm capable also, for the speakers.

I have almost finished building them, and would like to get a nice receiver to match them, even a vintage receiver. I currently have them running off of a Yamaha receiver that was part of a minisystem(2 bookshelf speakers, receiver and CD player) which is 6ohms, and when I mounted the drivers in the boxes and tested them with it, it sounded great(excluding the resonance inside the box, the polyfill had not come yet).

For those who dont know about Adire, they make kits for building speakers. You buy the MDF and build the cabinets, and they provide the drivers, x-o's, terminal cups, vent, etc. If you have the tools, they are(at least I think so) very fun to build and create(quite I feat I would add, for a 16yr old).
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