Sony ES2 vs. Pioneer Elite VSX41 receiver


Hi, I'm in the market to purchase an HT receiver, and I am looking at a Sony ES2 receiver. Also considering a Pioneer Elite VSX41 receiver. Price is a consideration, and I have found the Sony listed for $404 and the Pioneer for $340. Reliability is also a big concern.

Any and all opinions are welcome. If there is a "better" receiver in the 400 dollar price range, please let me know about it and why you recommend that product.

In my system already, I have PSB Image 2B's for the front main speakers, PSB Image 1B's for the rear speakers, an Infinity Alpha 37C center channel speaker, and an HSU VTF-2 powered subwoofer. My usage is about 70% DVD and 30% music CD's.

Thanks in advance!!

If you have PSB's for fronts I would not recomend the Pioneer Elite. The laid back sound of the Pioneer and PSB's would not be a good combo. I would recomend a Denon or Yamaha for the PSB's. Sony's ES series amp's are just as cheap as the ones in low level Kenwoods. See this link and og to the bottom Sony says that their receivers are not meant to drive all channels at one time!


How do put a link in your postings? Thanks!

Thanks GDawg for the reply. So for overall reliability.... I've heard that Denon and Yamaha, as well as Marantz, have had more problems then has Sony. Any other comments on reliability issues??

I just copied and pasted the web address into the post.
The reliabity issues are not really a problem to me, although I have had MANY problem receivers(or so called "lemons")I think I had about 3 problem Kenwood vr-6070 receivers. With warrantys these days you dont really need to worry especialy if you purchase locally. Online is different, if you purchase online make sure they are a certified dealer. I dont know anything about these being more prone to problems or having a higher "lemon rate". The brand I usualy hear about is HK, but they are also High Current which run hotter than others. My advice is not to worry.

Anon I just reread your post and I think you will have a hard time finding the right receiver. You have a brighter center speaker and all the rest are laid back. So when you watch DVD's the voices will sound horrible(on a bright receiver like Yamaha)and all the surround effects and front effects will sound about right.(again on the Yamaha)I would recomend getting a PSB center channel to match the sound of the fronts and round out the system. Hawk correct me if I am wrong on any of this.

I am also considering a Pioneer VSX-41. I am also considering a Denon AVR-1804. I currently have Polk speakers (I am unsure of the model numbers). Does anyone have any thoughts on which receiver would sound better on Polk speakers. My usage is about 90% DVD and 10% music.
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