HELP PLS - What Receiver For This Should I Get


I have purchased a PowerMac G5 and i need to connect my B&W 601 speakers to it, i use my computer for all my music. The speakers are 100watts handling and the computer does have a optical digital out but i plan on buying the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 which uses Coax digital output (so the receiver should prefrebly have both digital ins) What should i get please please please help thank you

Probably a Marantz, Pioneer Elite, or HK. These would match the B&W's quite well. I would recomend the Marantz for music.

John A.
For 100 W per channel consider the NAD T762.

But does the G5 really deliver digital audio out? If so, does it do any processing? My DVD player until earlier this year was a G4 Powerbook. Not bad, but stereo only (it has a "surround" mode, too, but it is rubbish) and some hum through the minijack.

John A.
I see Power Mac G5 spec includes "Optical digital audio in and out Toslink connectors". Thanks for the info.
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